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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
There are numerous reasons of why you'd have bad service with sattelite but I can tell you that at least in every place I've lived, the benefits of dish and directv FAR outweigh the fractional times I lost service.

The biggest issue is line of site obstruction. if you have a CLEAR view of the southern sky you would have great service with sat TV (dish or directv). There is also some stuff with what's called the eastern arc that will help questionable positioned homes.
I was going to say it probably depends on where you live, but you said it SO much better (and you KNOW what you're talking about! )

We have DirecTV in our last house and I hated it. It would go out constantly during the winter and spring (even a strong winds would cause it to go out). The internet and phone were fine (we had the 3 pack deal), but the TV would just freeze into those little squares. It actually became out signal that bad weather is happening. BUT, we also lived in a valley surrounded by mountains and trees so that probably had a lot to do with it.

We have cable now and I only have 2 problems with it. One, our company likes to change the "program" settings every so often with no notice...as in, shows that we set to be saved aren't anymore, and you have to relearn the remote. Two...is probably not the cables fault. It's the way things are wired in our house (DH's fault ) where if the power goes off, or someone turns off the TV I have to use 3 remotes to turn the darned thing back on again! It never fails...I'm on the phone with DH while he's at work asking "so, what remote do I have to use first??" If he was smart he would just write down the directions one day. (Before anyone comments...no, apparently I'm NOT that smart, and anything electronic falls into the husband's catagory in my house).
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Another reason I prefer Dish or DirectTV ( I have DirectTV at our in-town home and DishTV out at our fixer-upper: The variety of networks:
RFD-TV - for those interested in programming for Rural America
VERIA- a wonderful channel for holistic living. Has all topics covered, including a show called Natural Companions for holistic pet care
FSTV & WorldLink TV - alternative news and programs for those intereted in issues of moral conscience & a non-mainstream media view on life
University channels (such as UC California TV, Northern Arizona U. TV; Brigham Young U) with fascinating lecture series & documentaries
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We have cable at home, and plan to stick with it, as we've had very little trouble with it over the past 24 years. The house in Hungary has a dish, and that has been nothing but trouble due to the high winds there.

My mom in Nebraska switched to DirecTV a little over a year ago, and lost the picture so often that she's gone back to cable.
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