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Maine Coon?

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I posted this when I just got Mufasa asking if you guys thought he may be part maine coon, and people here didn't think so, but now that all of his hair has grown back(he was shaved at the time) he looks alot like the maine coon pictures I see online. He has a 'lion mane', his body has short hair on top and longer hair on his belly, he has a big puffy tail and the tuffs of hair on the tips of his ears are starting to come back. He also weighs 22lbs.
What do you guys think? Do you think their might be any maine coon in there somewhere?

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I have a Maine Coon and see them at shows all the time. Your cat is not a Maine Coon, but the genetic pool for long haired cats is large, so it's certainly possible he has some MC blood.
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Not a Maine Coon but could have the background. Also looks a bit like Norweigen Forest too.
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Thank you for the replies. He was a stray that i found not too long ago, and I know he's just a DMH, but I always wonder if their might be something else in his genetics.
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It's got to have something to get him THAT big Wow!! 22lbs!!!!! He is gorgeous, no matter what he is!
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He is not Maine Coon.
I have seen them at cat shows and my brother had a cat that was part Maine Coon.
He is pretty though.
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I don't see any NFC myself, ears are two wide set, muzzle is too short, head is too round.
In the first pic he looked part persian to me.
Whatever he is, he's gorgeous.
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thank you. i know he's gorgeous, but its always nice to hear other people think so as well. I guess i'll never know what his ancestry might be, although I was quite surprised when i found out he has grown in the last six months(and not sideways either, lol) I thought he would have been done growing (vet said he's around 5 yrs). How long to male cats grow for?I hope he doesn't grow too much more, he's already a monster, lol.
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I had an orange tabby shorthair who was 22 lbs when he passed away at 12 years old. He was out of a pregnant stray we found, and she was probably 7 lbs soaking wet. My parents kept two of his brothers and each cat was huge. The orange tabby longhair, Tubs, was probably even bigger than my cat, Bonkers, but sadly Tubs was hit by a car. Olie, my parents silver tabby longhair lived to 14 but developed diabetes. He was probably 18 lbs when he was healthy as he was always a lean cat. I always wonder about the 2 black kittens we placed out of that litter, they must have been monster cats too.
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