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Ghost Cat

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I have a new cat, but no-one believes me. My new Mau Skylark is white silver, which really suits her ghosty personality. She floats around the house when I am home alone, but disappears whenever anyone comes over.

She has only been with me since last Sunday, and I am aware that she will take time to settle in. She plays with every animal in the house, except for my male Mau (who is still locked up) and my German Shepherds (who she hasn't met yet), and will play happily by herself in the living room while I sit in the bedroom, watching. She seems to be fascinated by my neutered male cat and my chihuahua and will follow them around the house. She will chase feather toys for me, but slips away if I try to pet her.

On the trip home she curled up on me to nap on the ferry ride, but prefers to sleep under the couch now. Quite often I find her in my bathtub.

It's not quite as bad as I make it sound, I just wish she would trust me as my other animals do. She will walk under my computer chair and onto the bed behind me, she just melts away if I pay any specific attention to her. I'm used to in your face, PET ME NOW cats.. my male Mau jumps up to be carted around the house.

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She's very nice and has the Mau's worried look perfected!

Nice cat, congrats!
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Very nice cat - love the eye color - she should give you wonderful kittens.

I'd wait a few weeks and maybe try taking her out to Petsmart and walking around with her. When she seems more curious, get her out and hold her and let others pet her too. That's what I did with some of my rex kittens.

But you are finding out how different males and females really are. No one really believes me when I say the males are a heck of a lot more friendly and social then females are. I've had plenty of both (whole and neuter/spayed) and the males are a lot more friendly.
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She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and I was going to say, but she looks so worried!

Guess I just learned a thing about the Mau breed.

I say just give her some time, let her get used to everything. It sounds like she's doing just fine, and when she's ready, she'll come to you on her own, and then you'll be
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Oh yeah, she is the prettiest cat I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I know she will come around. In the meantime I'll try and snap her picture as she drifts by.
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I honestly thought you were talking about being "visited" by a cat ghost LOLOL. I do believe we were being visited by our cat that we had to pts this summer as his brother who is still with us started acting JUST him, which he never had done before....just things like looking at you and meowing and then falling at your feet wanting to be petted. Murray hadn't ever done this before, only his brother Ferd did. It was at this time I was reading books by James Van Praagh, co-producer of Ghost Whisperer....hubby got a little freaked out cuz I was telling him all this stuff from the book and then the cat started doing these weird things like his late brother.

Sorry to have hijacked the thread by going waaaaay off topic
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She will come around - Just give her time and space.... Lucky was WAY worst than this!!
By the way: She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
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She is beautiful. WOW
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She is gorgeous!

I don't get the whole not liking visitors though, Radar has to be shut in another room when people come over because he greets them with too much enthusiasm (which can turn painful ) and the Ori boys will investigate and then settle down on anyone's lap! But that's a breed thing I guess.

How old is she? My longest adult cat 'settle in' period was 4 hours hiding under the bed but I have Orientals and they have to come out sooner rather than later to see what's going on Anyway I am sure she will come round, just leave her be, pop some water and food bowls under wherever she is hiding for the time being!
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I just gave her a tummy rub on the couch. First time she didn't scoot away when I came to her. I have pet her in her hiding spot in the closet over the last few days, but this time was much more trusting. She is now giving herself a bath on the couch.
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