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New Jack Pics - 9 weeks

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Here's some more pics the breeder sent. I think we will wind up with Jack being the cinnamon one, but will decide for sure by end of January.

Here's the cinnamon one and the 2nd one is the cinnamon silver.
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they both are beyond adorable!! I love those big alert ears
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They are both cute.
Where will Jack ship from?
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He's coming from West Virginia - he'll be here sometime in March (5 months old). The breeder is willing to get him to a show before I get him in shows. He'll be 4 months old in February and there is a show end of February to take him.
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I bet you can not wait to get him.
It will go by fast until it gets close.
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They are both so cute
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They're both cute kittens. I like the cin/silver kitten.
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I prefer the face on the cin/silver one too. Can't wait for kittens!!!!

Too cute.
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Yeah the cin-silver does have the better face/head/ears. but the coat may wind up being too long. You want a short tight coat. Silvers tend to have the longer coat.

But the cinnamon has better balance over all and a better body/spotting/contrast.

So we have to wait another month to decide. Too bad we can't put the cin-silver's ears on the cinnamon!
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My opinion is that both are stunning babies and whoever you do choose, you will win hands down

I do like the look of the cinn-silver little guy better though. When I read the part about showing prospects, I was like, AWWWW, but he's so beautiful!!!
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
They're both cute kittens. I like the cin/silver kitten.

Me, too. But I know, GK, that you are looking for specific physical attributes...
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Yep I am - Jack will be my next show cat. You have to be more picky. If hubby would let me, I'd probably take both of them
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Oh my.. they are both too cute! Love the second pic.. hehe his little smoochable feet!
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I love them both!!! Why don't you get both of them!!!
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Because it took a lot to convince hubby that Charlie really needed A baby brother to play with. I started my search and put in my order LAST February! If he let me, I would take both. Remember you have to keep your spouse happy
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You know I'm partial to the silvers
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