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Anyone know a good Husky breeder?

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My sister wants to get a Husky next year.
Does anyone know of any good breeders?
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No, but I know what to look for.
Look at breeders that health test - - like hips and eyes - - and title their dogs both sires and dams. Do they do any temperament testing? I would like to see CGCs and TTs on their dogs. Make sure they don't have too many dogs living with them. You want each dog to be socialized and well loved and get lots of individual attention. Every dog deserves to live like that regardless of anything else.
Look at breeders who register their dogs with the AKC and place them on limited registration if they aren't showing and encourage their new owners to stay in touch with them for any advice and for sharing stories and make sure they take back the dog at any time. Make sure they socialize the puppies and the puppies get the best vet care. Make sure they are part of the family, not out in the backyard or a pen like lawn ornaments. Look at breeders who ask lots of questions of your sister and do a home check.
Start researching early, I suggest going to shows and watching them and getting to know breeders. This will be a good resource :
I love the look of this breed, but hate the shedding. I believe there are breed specific rescues for this breed
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My sister found a breeder in Fresno that looks good but they have not wrote her back.
I will send her the site you posted.
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We had a Siberian years ago, I am sure the breeder is no longer breeding. He was the best dog I have ever had. He did blow his coat twice a year and the amount of fur that he shed was incredible and more than a little daunting to keep up with. Hopefully she knows what she is getting into with that, I have known people that actually got rid of their dog because of it.
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We had a Elkhound/German Shepard/Husky mix when I was a kid and she shed everywhere.
My sister was not born then.
I will tell her what you said.
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