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New pictures of Tomnus

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I figured its about time that I put up a few more pictures of Tom since I haven't done that in a while. These were taken while he was sleeping.

Even the bravest warrior has to look cute once in a while.

Hmm...what...did something just happen.

Just remember, you may think this was fun, but I know where you sleep at night.
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Hey, it's cold and a good day to sleep in with all the warm blankets.
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What a cutie!
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He's adorable
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He is too cute! & I just love his little painted nose!!!
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It`s a hard life, isn`t it? Sleeping and looking cute all day long
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Oh yeah a real hard life...I sometimes wonder why I wasn't born a cat, things would be so much easier. Though life gets better knowing I have him to come home to because he is always that cute, the best is when he falls asleep on me...its so cute I really hate to move him but things go numb.
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Awww what a cutie-pie
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Originally Posted by lovemykitty3 View Post
He's adorable
I see your Toby on your siggie and he looks just like my baby Tom, who is now on my new siggie,

They could be brothers
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