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Kitten scooting?

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The other day I went in the laundry room for something and Milo had just got out of the litter box. As soon as he got out he started scooting his butt on the ground. I thought it was VERY strange, as I had only ever heard of dogs doing that if they had worms or something.

I thought maybe he was flushing the worms from his system from a dewormer I gave him last week. I picked him up and looked at his butt and he had a piece of poo stuck to his fur. I shook him gently over the litter box until it fell off. I put him down and he still scooted a bit more, then got up and walked out.

I hadn't noticed him doing that before, nor have I seen him do it since (thought I admit I don't often catch them in the "act".)

Besides the poo being stuck to his bottom, could there be other reasons he would scoot on the floor??

Oh, he is 14 weeks old, if that matters. I get asked that a lot, so I thought I'd throw it in.
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Yes cats do it because they either have worms and sometimes impacted anal sacs. He needs to be checked for worms again.
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He goes to the vet on Tuesday, so I'll talk to him about it then. Could he have impacted anal sacs already at only 14 weeks old?
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Probably not, thats why I would get him to check for worms, but do tell him about the scooting.
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I definitely will, thanks!
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My cat Libbi occassionally would get poo stuck in her fur around her butt and would scoot like that to get it off. Usually I had to remove it anyway and she would do it a couple more times after I did just to make sure it was off.

I would ask the vet about it though, just to make sure.
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I've seen cats do that for 3 reasons: anal gland problems, worms, or just trying to remove the poop that got stuck in their hair. In your case, my guess is that it's one of the latter 2. Good thing to ask your vet on Tuesday.
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