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Kitten and X-MAS TREE!!!!

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HELP!! My kitten REFUSES to leave the fake Christmas tree alone!! He is just a baby and I realize that but he is driving me NUTS!! He has already TODAY alone climbed up it 3 times in 20 min.!!! I him VERY much, but he is NOT responding to "psst", "HEY", ::, or even the dreaded water bottle squirt!

ANY ideas??? He is a really good boy, but he just doesn't know what to think about this DARN tree


Thanks, Melissa to Levi, my x-mas project, I guess!!
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If the only thing he is doing is climbing it, why not let him? Just make sure you have shatter proof ornaments and watch to make sure they don't try to eat the cords on the lights.
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NO, He is knocking the whole tree over,!!! It is cute, and nothing has broken, yet, but he is also biting on the light cord and stuff. The tree has only been up a few hours so I hope he will get used to it!!!

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Take it down and leave it until next year.

It's a toy to him, and with his sharp little teeth it could prove fatal if he's biting through the wires
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Spraying cats is a very dangerous choice, if a drop gets into their ears a very serious infection can happen. Please dont spray your cat.

I agree with Rosiemac's advise. You have to do all you can to protect him, not punish.
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I just put my tree up, I walked into the livingroom and I see a furry face looking out at me from half way up the tree. Just laying out on a couple of the branches. This is his first Christmas on the inside. I guess I will be having a tree with all plastic balls this year.
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I thought I'd have more of a problem with Charlie and the tree last year. Ling already found out the tree will get you wet when you bother it (yes I do use the spray bottle and aim for their butts!) Works well for us.

Charlie got the same thing with the water bottle. He tried to chew on the cords once. We do spray the cords with Bitter Apple. I put all breakable balls, etc. at the top to the middle - the bottom gets the unbreakable stuff and yes I have to put several things up many times.

If you have a live tree, be sure your pets are not drinking out of the stand as the sap is toxic and can make them sick or kill them if too much is ingested. We make sure our tree is kept covered around the base.
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We've been having some minor problems too... Zero likes to play around the base and mess up the tree skirt and spill the water from the stand. He doesn't try to climb it, but he does like to stand next to it and shake the branches and bat at ornaments; because of this all the glass ornaments have migrated to the top third of the tree. Pumpkin, however, simply watches him from the sofa and sighs.
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I had this problems just weeks ago! I too used a squirt gun at first to get him not to climb and bite it, it worked to an extent but he was still interested. I don't know what to do since he is knocking it over..but you can use plastic ornaments and hooks. wrap the hook around the branch so if he/she does swat at them they don't go flying off. hopefully she won't be as interested in it in a week or so, marley still likes it but he likes laying underneith it. he occasionally will bite at the tree or play with an ornament but thats about it. i wouldn't leave your lights on when you leave. good luck!
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Levi is doing better with the tree!! I only used the bottle last night and I aim for his BUTT, I am very careful and only use it with "danger" Like when he tried to get at our caged Chinchilla, now he doesn't bother her...

He is mainly interested in messing up the tree skirt now, He seems quite proud of himself when it is all a mess! It is so funny!!

This is a fake tree with no water, duh.. So I think we will be okay now, Like you all said, this is new, IF he does start going up the tree again or messing with the lights, the tree will go, he is much more important to us than having a tree this year; however, I think it will be fine...

You guys are great with answering questions, and FAST! THANKS

Merry Christmoose,
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My kitten dove into the tree when I first set it up and just layed on a branch with a look what??

He's not as interested in it now- he mainly just likes to hide under the tree skirt and scare my other cat when she walks by.
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Glad it is better now
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