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meds and food.....urine crystals in cat...

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Okay well sweetie has been put on antibiotics and another pill to help with crystals. Now the one is a liquid and not so bad at giving him. The other is a pill and that is awhole nother matter. How the heck we supposed to give it to him? I mean we have so far put it in his food,made sure he ate it but second time around he wasnt gonna fall for it. So we tried a treat,heh no. Then they say just shove it down his throat. Now how pray tell do i do that? He is not the kinda cat you just pick up and turn over on to his back. This last dose i put it in a syringe and a bit of water. It did go in cause he was making that yucky face like wth was that crap. So whatever works i suppose.

Other issue is,hes not really eating much. They gave us this special food and he ate it the first day but now he is ignoring it. We also watered down the dry food (vet said that would be okay) he wants no part of that either. We put down several other bowls of wet food so he will eat something,anything. I figure over night he will eat something. Right? I hope. Its just that they are use to have food whenever they want it not just at certain times. i hate to think he rather starve himself than eat anything. Would he do that? My other cat actually keeps eating the special food,although the vet said it would not harm her. So at least one of them is eating. I just think maybe for tonite he was upset over the med taking so he wouldnt eat for us. Hopefully by morning some of the bowls will have gone down a bit. Hard to tell with another cat,maybe lock her up at night so we know he ate and not her.

Might be the only solution,as he hates being locked up. She doesnt mind so much. She be like oh whatever ill just sleep. Ha. So ill tell mom to shut the door and keep her in overnight i guess. Whatever works. Sorry this was so long. Just its only like day 2 and its not easy at all! Im afraid we gonna go thru this two weeks and it wont be better and have to start all over again ugh! I dunno. I know ask the vet. Dont worry we will. Lol.
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Sorry to hear you are going through this. If you just started the meds today, it might just take a day for Sweetie to feel better and start eating. I've had a couple of cats with the crystal problem and the other cats eating the same food never had a problem. Just keep an eye on Sweetie and try to make sure he is eating something.
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Ty wyatturpsmom. yeah first day or so,makes sense then. poor kitty.
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I have a cat with bladder problems also.
What meds is the cat on?
Coco dosent eat on some antibiotics.
Clavamox and Cefa drops gave her stomach aches and she would throw up.
The last antibiotic worked well for her but it was a pill.
You can try pill pockets.
I did with Coco until she bit a Baytril.
Now she wont eat them.
If you try pill pockets ask for chicken.
The vet said it was alright with her baldder problems.
I hope your cat feels better.
Coco hardly eats when she has the problem.
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I've had good luck with these.

after you get things cleared up, this will prevent it from coming back
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Have you tried mixing the new food with the old and gradually taking it out?
The best way to give a pill is to put in the mouth - you can watch videos online to see the correct way to do this.

Good luck!
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talk to your vet ... is the new food the same meat as the old???there are multiple brands of RX foods
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