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Missed dose of antibiotics

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My little Rudy has struvite crystals, which I posted about the issues with in behaviour section and it was switched to this section. The vet is trying him on antibiotics, strong ones, for the 5th time I think. 10 days, 1 pill per day.

Well a few days ago my husband forgot to give him the pill (grr) so I gave him his pill at the same time the next day (the day my husband told me), and today I find out he forgot to give him his pill yesterday too! So i give him his pill at the same time today. Basically he had a pill for four days, than not for one, than for another four or five days and not for one.

Is this going to really mess up the effectiveness of the antibiotic?
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It can, if he has a bacterial infection on top of the stuvite crystals. Antibiotics won't cure the crystals, but my vet claims that antibiotics can sometimes serve as an anti-inflamatory for the bladder, which is one potential trigger for crystals. The bladder shrinks, and they *might* stop producing crystals for a short period of time.

I suggest you call your vet and ask if they found a bacterial infection when they found the crystals (I assume you had either an urinalysis and/or ultrasound to find the crystals), then pose your question to them. We aren't vets and can only speculate what is going on with Rudy based on our limited experience.

And btw - my hubby is horrible about remembering to give pills. I've taken over that job in our household.
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Call the vet.
What med is he on?
Missing doses can make teh antibiotics not work right.
Coco has had so many types of antibiotics for her bladder problems.
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I'd give your vet a call.

Yes, missing a dose can lead to issues like resistance. Missing multiple doses makes resistance even more likely. Your vet may want to keep your kitty on antibiotics longer, or switch antibiotics, to make sure the infection is gone.
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