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hi everyone sorry I havent been on here I have been so busy with everything. big changes have happened but to much to get in to at such a late hour. How is everyone.
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Hello!!! How are you??
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Yay! Hello! It's SOOOOOOO nice to hear from you!!!!
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Yes, it's good to hear your still about! Welcome back and hope things are well, if not better!!!!!!
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welcome back
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Yay! How are you doing?
It`s funny, I was just thinking a few days ago of the people who were here when I first joined that I don`t see anymore and I thought of you.
Hope you get some time to post more. How is Abby doing? I remember she had some health issues.
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Welcome back......
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i missed you all alot also how is everyone and there fur babies I only have Taffy left long story. Yes things here where super bad but the light is bright now and all is going well. Still in Utah and love it. Abby is great she has a little scoliosis in her back but is doing great she walking almost 60+ steps a day now. without her walker i am so proud of her. Almost xmas here I am getting Taffy a window seat
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