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Injured Bengal

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My friends Bengal climbed a ladder and it fell on her crushing her leg beyond repair. The leg had to be amputated at the hip(rear leg). She is real concerned about how her cat will adjust and adapt. Is there anyone here with experience with this type of injury?
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Cats and dogs both adapt very well to three legs.
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Cats and dogs both adapt very well to three legs.
I've heard this too. They typically adapt like they never even needed a fourth leg.
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This is Roger. He's a very special cat. As you can see he's lost a front leg (frostbite). He does get around pretty well, not fast, couldn't outrun a turtle, but he's adapted.

I think the rehab for your friends Bengal will depend on how good a shape he/she was in before the accident. I've seen a few 3 legged dogs in my life that don't seem to have any problems at all with their disability.
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Check out groups, or ask the vet for references to, 'tripod' groups - there are lots of dogs and cats who live long and happy lives with only three legs. Your friend will probably experience more grief and sorrow than her cat - but good luck to them both.
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Oh geez, sorry to hear about the accident. Like everyone said, cats do adapt very well after an amputation, so I wouldn't worry about the cat's longterm well-being.

Many vibes for the Bengal's recovery, and for her owner as well
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Thanks, she is concerned right now because the cat is so depressed, she doesn't know how to help her emotionally. I hope she does okay.
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Maybe some Bach's Rescue Remedy would help? I've never used it before but hear wonderful things about it from others. It would at least help take any stress out of the situation.
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Back in 2004 when I joined I was caring for a stray that had a gunshot wound to rear leg. It was amputated and in fact the day I brought him home he jumped (over 3.5 ft) out of the enclosure in the garage and I rehabbed him in my neighbors large dog kennel!!

He was moving around real well and after the staples were removed I did left him outside and he proceeded to run from me quite well!!

Unfortunately he passed away due to a false negative FeLV a couple of months after the surgery but he did very well with three legs-even with steps.
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