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I'm taking Mufasa to the vet to be tested on saturday, but i just wanted to know what you all thought cause im going to be a nervous wreak until he goes in.
Since i've had him(7 months) hes had multiple infections and sores(his mouth, side, foot, and now he has one on his throat) The vet gives him steroids and antibiotics to get rid of them. He also has chronic diarrhea(i'v tried numerous types of food and antibiotics and they dont work) He also constantly has runny eyes(not colored discharge, just runny, almost like tears) and throws up alot.
Do you guys think this sounds like it could be FIV?? When i got him, he was a stray intact tom cat that was around 5 yrs old.
Any opinions on what could cause these symptoms, if not FIV?