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Anyone know?

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I am staying at a friends house and she has wireless, and on my laptop I can connect to their wireless network but NOT to the internet. It says I'm connected We have tried so many things and nothing is working
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When you connect to a new wireless network, a box should pop up asking you if it is a private connection or public and if you want your computer discoverable. It could be that the privacy setting was set too high and it is hiding their connection from you.
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I have no problem getting a connection, they are unsecured BTW. anyway it says I'm connected at full strength but something is stopping me from getting a web page. Other people can get on but not me, it doesn't make sense
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What OS are you on? and what other software are you running security wise? Maybe something is blocking you on your own computer.

I had a similar problem with Vista and an older router - it simply was not going to work. Another thing to try is maybe releasing and renewing dhcp.

Also, have them refresh their settings on their router. That sometimes fixes things.
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