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Great news!

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Madonna got adopted!!!!!! that means all 7 kittens and mom are now in the their new homes and I'm just elated!

Here's the email I got from Madonna's new mom
We adopted your Madonna today! She is such a lovey kitty! We fell in love with her in about 5 seconds and just had to bring her to our family. She will have a "sister" cat that is a little over a year, so they are about the same age we think. Plus 3 children that think she is the sweetest thing on 4 legs.

We've nicknamed her Maddie. I'd love to be able to send you pictures and updates, as I'm sure you miss her.

What a great day!!
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Great, JT! That must have made your day! Couldn't have happened to a nicer kitty girl!
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Great news!! Glad she has gone to a lovely new home!
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Yeah you and I both had good news. Your baby is ok, and mine is home and happy. great week!

Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Great, JT! That must have made your day! Couldn't have happened to a nicer kitty girl!
I was a little worried that people might not see her the way I did. I would love to have kept her.
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Woot!!! That's great news!!
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Wow that's great news indeed
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That's lovely she got a home and it's always nice to hear from people that have your babies!
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How wonderful!! Looks like your new year will be great, your own babies back with you & the knowing that the family your helped into the world taken care of, and Madonna being taken in by what sounds like a wonderful family. Season of joy! Hope they keep you updated on her progress.
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It sounds like she has a wonderful new home!
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I'm so happy for her and for you. I've had a soft spot for Madonna since I saw your picture of her with her crooked nose. It sounds like she's found a great family just in time for the holidays.
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I miss that little girl a lot!

This is a great picture. she's got lots of playmates!
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She sure looks like she has settled in well already. How wonderful for everyone involved.
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
I miss that little girl a lot!

This is a great picture. she's got lots of playmates!
Awwww! She has little girls to dote on her! That's great!!
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Isn't it fabulous to hear a happy ending You made that possible for this gorgeous girl. she's going to be spoilt rotten
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Nice fastnoc, my tabby looks just like that one.

Dark gray is a very popular color.
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yeah I have to say, getting that email made all that trouble worth it. It makes me feel like I accomplished something giving that cat and her babies a good start at life. I cannot WAIT to get settled again and be able to do it all over again. I'll keep the blog going and everything. That really seemed to be a big deal to the rescue group, and especially to adoption applicants.

here's the email her new mom sent

I was going to try to message you through your website again this weekend-one of the ladies from the rescue said you had emailed me back, but I hadn't gotten anything. I thought maybe I'd typed my email address wrong.

We looked over the blog first thing after we got her-it was neat to watch the videos you'd posted, too.
We had heard the noisy breathing and purring, but hadn't noticed the structural thing with her nose until we read it in your blog. The loud breathing is pretty prounounced when she is meowing (like in the crate all the way home)

She is such a great cat-every day my husband will lay on the couch with her, and she will just cuddle, it's like she just wants to soak up the love. Sometimes, she will hide her head under his hand, or in his arm-almost like she's playing peek-a-boo. Everytime she does that I think about what you posted about when she was going into labor. She's getting much more comfortable now, and has started playing a lot more. The only problem we are having is that she wants to scratch on the carpet and the cloth furniture. We got 3 different types of scratching posts, but she still wants the carpet. Did you ever notice that she flex her fingers a lot? I saw she was doing that in one of the videos you'd posted-where she's nursing the babies, and thought it was probably just a physical response to the nursing, but she does it frequently. I've never seen our other cat do that before, but maybe that's a normal cat behavior, and our other one is odd?

I wondered about her age-a couple different places I had seen her listed as 1 year, but after we got home and I was looking over her paperwork it shows 2 yrs.

I attached a few pictures for you to enjoy.
Thanks for taking such great care of her, we are very happy to have her in our lives!
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This is wonderful news!!! My eyes got all teared up with joy for Madonna! You did a wonderful job with Madonna and her babies. The love you gave them has spread to families that will love and cherish them!
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