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My alimony check did not show, this month. Allowing for the Postal Service's sloth, I waited until yeasterday, to send the ex an e-mail.

He informs me that the City of Buffalo is out of money and did not make the payroll, therefor I don't get paid. I informed him that he is in contempt of court. He gets a big check, from the State of New York, too.

His next e-mail said that I will get my "blood money", on HIS terms and not to make any deposits. Considering his history, I infer that he intends to write me a rubber check. I hope that he does. The Pima county Attorney has been very aggressive, going after hot-check writers. She's collected over $4 million, in bad checks this year. In addition to prosecution, state law provides for collection of THREE TIMES the amount of the bad check.

Of course, I will not deposit any personal check, from him. I will take it to his bank and attempt to cash it. If it IS NSF, my next stop is the County Attorney's office. I have documentation of his long history of bad-check writing AND his e-mail, to prove intent. The amount is substantial enough to put a dent in HIS pocketbook, for a while.

Once again, the sick b****** underestimated me. You'd think that he would have learned, after I took him to the cleaners, in the divorce - WITHOUT a lawyer!

OK, I feel better, now. Thank you for letting me rant!
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I dont know who to feel more sorry for, you or him!
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Sorry kat8l it's such a pain!
I don't have to deal with alimony, but I do have to worry about child support! Chantal is over 3 years old now and her blood father has only ever sent maybe 7 or less checks over this whole time!

He says he pays it every month (they take it out automatically) when he's working. But I have no proof of this. And it's IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of Child Support workers in Nova, just ... does not happen. So I weight, I just expect it not to come. People like this are scum I think!
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This jerk makes almost $5000.00, per month - tax-free! Even so, during our marriage, our house was foreclosed, all of our credit cards got cancelled and he bounced checks, through two states. To this day, I don't know where the money went!

According to business-owning friends, he is STILL bouncing checks, every month. One bar still takes his checks, because he makes them good every month.

I have bank records, going back to 2000, showing a bunch of bad checks. A judge is going to LOVE seeing those!

I will NEVER AGAIN be dependent upon someone else, for my financial security. I know that Bill loves me and is much too responsible, to lose our house, through negligence but I am maintaining my own bank account and, with this new job I can survive on my own, if needs be.

I think that he's trying to jerk me around, because this is the last payment. Sadistic pervert, that he is, he STILL wants to hurt me.
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Sounds just like my sister's ex. She's constantly taking him to court for failure to pay child support. Talk about a deadbeat dad - he's over $10,000 behind in payments, and she's struggling to make ends meet. Cindy, don't you start your new job tomorrow? Good luck with it!
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Thanks, Jcat. I have to be at work at 4:50 a.m. Should be a pretty easy job and the pay is better, than I got at Walgreen's.
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I had a dad that NEVER apid child support and refused to let my new dad adopt me. Finall when I was 15 my parents went after him for the $23,000 and adoption to my dad. He said he would allow the adoption if he only had to pay half the child support. So that was fine, the money wasn't important, the adoption was. So we get our check and no adoption. The bugger cheated us out of half the back pay and the adoption papers. How rude!

Oh well I'm married now, but my maiden name is still not what I want it to be.
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Tamme, I don't know what the laws are, in Canada but adults can be adopted, here.
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Kat: I too worry about being dependant on others, I hate it! Makes me nervous. This new car I'm getting, fiance is going to have to be on the finances and possibly the title, but at least I think I will be the only one on the insurance.

I worry about the day when my fiance tries to legally adopt Chantal our daughter, I have a feeling that her blood father wont agree to that. :/
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Bill owns this house and I make 1/2 of the truck payments. I just have to trust that he won't toss my butt out in the street. He HAS signed all of the paperwork, to leave everything to me. He's left his son just enough, to keep him from contesting.

As for your fiance adopting your daughter, most bums are glad to sign off, as it gets them out from under the child support.
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Cindy, I am sorry that your x is playing games with you like this!
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I'm sorry, Sending you {{{{HUGS}}}}
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Originally posted by katl8e
As for your fiance adopting your daughter, most bums are glad to sign off, as it gets them out from under the child support.
My father wouldn't give me up because I was property. but he wouldn't see me or help pay for me or anything. He just liked to know that he owned something....for free
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My biological father kidnapped me not long after I was born. My mother didn't have me for months, and because they weren't yet divorced (they were going through the divorce), and possession is 9/10 of the law she had difficulty getting me back. He allowed her to see me, but only at gunpoint!!! because he didn't want her running away with me.

He told her "You can have the child, as long as I have custody so that you can pay me childsupport." Her and her lawyer came up with a way to get temporary custody before his lawyer could counteract (it was filed on a Friday). She got me back that day when the police officers escorted her and my grandparents.

We haven't seen or heard from him since. I don't even care about child support. I never got a birthday card a phone call.. nothing. I didn't even learn about this until I was 16.

Men like this are the lowest life form imaginable IMO. I'm glad that you're independent and strong Cindy, and I bet he sees and knows that and it just gets under his skin.
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Kat8l: It actually does worry me. Chantal's blood father has only met her once, when she was about a month old. We talk on the internet sometimes, he keeps saying how he wants to see both of us, specially her, he has a new fiance and apparently talks about myself and chantal to her ALL the time. His fiance has even told ME at one point that she thinks it would be better for him (James/Chantal's father) if we were to just get back together.

Last summer, when he said he wanted to see Chantal again (which of course never happened.) I told him it would be hard, because my fiance didn't want me or Chantal to see you or have anythign to do with you... his reply was... "No one is going to keep me from seeing MY child."

There you have it...

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