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FIV, Lukemia, And Tape worm Symptoms

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My cat had Got sick about 5 months Ago and Steadily got worse, problems were MOSTLY his urination became very difficult for him and VERY Dark thick urine came out. he then started losing wieght and Color(Gums turned Totally white)

I took him to the Vet and The vet Gave him a test for FIV/Feline Lukemia(SP?) and The test came back Negetive, But the vet seemed Very sure that It was still a case of FIV and it was just "so far along" that it was no longer circulating in his blood stream and FIV was still the problem.

Well. As time went on he got worse and worse and worse. And Litterally When We had planned on taking him to be put to sleep at the end of the week he, out of -nowhere- got 100 percent better. Full winter coat came in, his color came back, he gained weight like Crazy, And his energy level went from Nothing at all to Steadily increasing to being VERY active.

A short time Later he is was still doing alot better, But his color went away again and he looks almost totally white. Even white gums...

Well Just today I found a tapeworm on him. And put alot more thought and research into it. And Aside from him losing his color every single symptom Can be caused by tapeworm.

I am just confused as to if him losing his color could be because of the tapeworm, I know in "severe cases" it can cause liver problems and Liver problems Are the main reason for a Cat losing his color...

Basicly... am I out of the woods as far as worrying about FIV? Is my vet a dummy? After I de-worm him should I be worried about future liver problems and what can i do about that? Will he get 100 percent better after de-wormed?

Thanks in advance..
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IT doesn't matter how far along FIV is, it stays in their bloodstream, so I would be looking for a new vet. The lack of colour could be anaemia, and if a cat has tapeworm, they likely have fleas, either of which can cause aneamia, lethargy, and a more likely cause of cats losing colour than liver problems. Dark urine and problem urination is likely an infection, I am surprised your vet didnt test for a urinary infection, your cat was very lucky, urinary problems in males can be fatal. I would do regular flea and worm treatments, and look round for a new vet.
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I completely agree with booktigger (great response). If a cat has the FIV virus, they will test positive - particularly if the cat is in later stages of it, like your vet (for some weird reason) suspected. I, too, would find a new Vet.

If your kitty receives the proper Tapeworm medication, that should totally get rid of the tapeworm ................. but, kitty also has to be treated for fleas because if you don't, the tapeworm will likely recur. Don't use overthecounter flea or tapeworm medication...............use something from the Vet (a prescription med for both).

Here is a link that better explains the connection between fleas and tapeworm:


Untreated fleas can definitely cause anemia, for sure.......

If you have other pets in the home, they likely need to be treated for fleas and tapeworm, too...............otherwise you'll never get rid of the entire problem for your present cat.
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I was researching a bit on FIV because I think my kitty may have it, and a couple of the websites said that in the later stages of the disease, their immune system might be so compromised that they will not register positive on a FIV test because they are not producing enough antibodies.
Here is one of the websites I found it on.
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