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Shark, what are you like?

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Yesterday my family celebrated my sister's 21st birthday by having a party. Shark was the only cat who decided to stick around during this time, but not to sit and watch...but to cause mayhem!

First of all she lay in the cardboard box we used for empty cans, people were putting them in there on top of her because she lay at the bottom. It was when she suddenly leapt out of there making people jump....that was hilarious! And before that when she was in the box, anyone who sat in the chairs next to it got swiped on the bum when her paws appeared

After that she sat herself on the beer box on the worktops we have in our dining room. My poor cousin who sat in front of Shark kept getting her hair sniffed then patted as Shark become curious of her...but it was funny to watch all the same!

And last of all, whilst members of family including myself were up and dancing, Shark decided now was the time to waltz right into the middle of us all...only to get an accidental kick up the bottom by my brother in law! Poor Shark soon left after that... (If you were wondering, we were dancing to BeeGee's Jive Talking and kicking our legs up in the air at the time )

Thought I'd share that with you guys
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Yay! A party cat!
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Oh my, she's really sociable! Love the part where she was patting your cousin's hair
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