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How long can a cat go without drinking water?

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Hi There -

I am trying to get Lucky to drinking out of her fountain, and it is just not working... I am filling it up with bottled water, and the fountain is on the lower setting.
I also have currently her regular water dish right next to the fountain, and she goes straight to it...
I was wondering if I can take the bowl off, so that her only option is the fountain. I know in the long term it is going to be better for her, as the water is always fresh, and she LOVES fresh water.

My question is: How long can she go without drinking water before I give in (if that is the case), and return her regular water bowl?

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I don't know, but I know my cats will absolutely NOT drink bottled water. I don't know why. They will only drink tap water. Is that what she normally drinks? If so, I have no idea. lol
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Not very long if she is only eating dry food. I would put her normal bowl down and let her choose when to investigate the fountain - some cats are put off by the noise.
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When I bought the fountain the cats the first day looked at it with a strange eye, the second day I took the bowl out and they went on drinking from the fountain. So I really had no problem with that because they actually used to drink from the tap and I cannot leave that open for them all the time, that's why I bought the fountain.

(Unfortunately I know that a cat can go without food and water for 10 days... there was a locked up cat in an empty house, she sneaked there and when the realtor went in again she saw her.... I must say she was really lucky, the wc door was closed so there was no water from the wc. I wonder how she made it? eating bugs? Now she is fully recovered.)
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Cats have been know to go as much as 30 days without food or water, but I wouldn't want to experiment with it! (That cat got locked in a shipping container in Wisconsin and ended up in Nancy, France.)
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Ok - so this morning I simply didn't put her regular water bowl down.....and..... by 10:30 am she was drinking out of the fountain !!!!! Ahhhh the beauty of not having a choice!!
She actually drank a lot of water... I made sure to put it on the lowest setting, and I noticed she likes to drink from where the water is not moving - close to the back wall...
Good Girl my lucky is!!
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