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Pictures of jugen's new Cat Tower!

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Very lucky kitties!


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Tania, i can't see the towers?
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Hang on...working on it...
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Link isn't working!!!!!
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Link should be working now, having trouble with webshots today!
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I saw them fine, and WOW what a great cat tree!!! Very lucky kitties indeed!!!
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Kitties look very happy and secure!
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Hi! It looks like they took right to it. JC has an 8 ft. one, and he loves it - as a matter of fact, he's up at the top of it right now.
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And a nice one, too. Glad to see somebody else's house is as cluttered as mine!
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thanks for putting them up kumbulu! And yes my house is SOOOO cluttered! this is what happens when you work 70 hours a week or more and can't keep up on it! that's just my kitchen(you don't want to see the rest of the house! LOL!). we had just set down the cat tower to go and bring in the rest of the things we had gotten and when we came back ,well, that's what we found! LOL! We finally got to move it into our livingroom though. now they sleep on it instead of moms head which is both good and bad, because I like knowing where they are at night, but they always come back for loving sometime during the night so it's not that bad.
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I would love to get one of those for my babies!!! Love the pics!
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Thanks for sharing the pix.. very cool !!

Yes, i think it is great that cats have trees to climb and play on. Kitties love elevation!!

What i really want next is a tall palm tree... i wonder if anyone has seen those?? It resembles a palm tree, and the kitties can rest on the leaves...

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It looks like your kitties took right to the tree! Lucky little guys.
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We recently got a cat tree, too - and what I want to know is, how do they know it's just for them, LOL!

Your kitties certainly made themselves right at home - right away! I bet mum's happy...
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I like it !!
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