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Fever, or adjusting after meds?

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Hi All -

A little over 2 weeks ago a stray came up to me in the alley by my house and was so friendly I had to take him in. He's #6 (named him Vito Corleone), so of course I took him to the vet to get checked out first. He passed all the tests, only had an upper respiratory infection. He was on Clavamox antibiotics for the full term, then was introduced to the girls (he's the only boy, not neutered either, that's soon) and they were all anxious to meet. They all get along fabulously (I'm lucky with cats). 2 days later I discovered he had worms (they weren't there before, I always monitor). I went back to the vet and got Profender. Worms are gone, but now he just sleeps all day, which I know is kinda normal for cats, but up until the dewormer he was more playful and curious.

I suspected he might have had a fever because he wanted to stay in my bedroom where I keep it cold, which is unusual for cats. Once the worms were gone, he started cuddling up in my blankets to stay warm, but still feels as warm as he did before. I don't know if he has a fever because I don't have the right thermometer, but either way he feels as warm as he has since the day I brought him home after the vet said he was healthy.
Could I be overreacting, or does the sleepyness and body heat seem normal for a stray adapting to being inside?

BTW, he hasn't sprayed, seems to be VERY well behaved, I think someone abandoned him outside, he's too friendly and generally healthy to have been a stray for long, but his neutering appointment is this week. All my girls are fixed, I figured he should be too.
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I love the name! LOL

How old do you think he might be?

I used to have to check my old CRF kitty's temp; she'd get bouts of pancreatitis and when her temp started to drop below normal, then I knew she was having one. I'd just use a digital thermometer, a touch of vaseline or olive oil on the end and inserted it 3/4". Seems I've read lately though that they're not recommending cats' temps be taken this way anymore? I know at the Vet clinic they're now doing it in the ear (well, with a special ear thermometer).

I know that heat intolerance can sometimes be due to hyperthyroidism, in cats and in humans (they prefer the cool). Usually w/ that (though not always) you'll see an increased appetite, losing weight, can be restless (though sometimes it's the opposite).

Anyway you could pop kitty into a local Vet tomorrow - even if it's not your own, just ask them to take his temp?

How's appetite? Peeing and pooping okay?

Could just be so used to cooler temps from having been outside all the time?

Are eyes bright? Gums nice and pink?

You may want to call your Vet on Monday and just report what you've reported here?
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