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Tips on eye care

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I got this little man today (he is not very little). He is only 4 months old and he is huge!!! He is all white and his eyes are kind of a mess. How can I whiten the fur around them as naturally as possible. Also any thing you think I should know that is not common knowlegde?

Loving his blanket
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I have a cat with eyes like that.
I got Enisl-F from the vet to try on her eyes.
Its L-Lysine HCI.
You can ask your vet about it.
Your cat looks like a Persian.
Some persians do get alot of eye problems.
Take a warm damp cloth and wipe his eyes.
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Thank you, I will ask the vet. He is an exotic shorthair persian and such a love bug!!
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Was gonna say "nice exotic" I know there have been some breeders in here that have used certain products on the white persians to get the eye stains cleaned up. I'm not sure what. We don't have white Oci's

Its a daily thing on whites!

I'm assuming you are showing this gorgeous boy?
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Beautiful Boy You might want to have the vet check your boy's eye lids for Entropian. It is where the eye lashes turn in so the eye gets irritated, and can cause damage to the eye, surgery can correct this. Also in these flat faced kittys some don't have all the tear ducts or they are narrow. I use Refresh artificial tears(recommended by eye specialist) to flush the eyes and wipe with cotton ball. I also hold them on my lap and hold warm washrag on the eye/nose area, it soothes them just like it would you if your eyes are sore. They actually learn to enjoy, or at least tolerate it I don't know what will take the stain off.
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In your case, I would recommend Eye Envy or something similar. The staining is beginning to look bad and once the staining hits the roots of the fur it will be VERY difficult to get out.
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I am going to get something for the stains today. He will see the vet next week and they can look at his eyes/nose and make sure everything is fine. At 4 months should he be this big? His father was very big but the rest of the kittens were not this big. He is such a lover I couldn't turn him down, he begged me to take him home

I don't think we will show him, I wouldn't even know where to start. We will however love him to pieces. He isn't old enough to breed yet is he? Keller is still in heat and I want to make sure that doesn't happen
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I always wondered about this product.... Check it out -
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I would think he's definitely old enough to breed

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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
I would think he's definitely old enough to breed

Really? He is only 4 months old He is seperated from the other 2 right now anyway and hopefully she will come out of heat in the next day or so.
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He is old enough to breed.
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Hi there I breed Exotics and Persians and trust me when I say he's old enough to breed

Unfortunately the photos of him are no longer there, I'd love to see some if you still have them.

If you were going to show him I was going to suggest cutting the stained fur off round his eyes but that is drastic so I will suggest bathing the stains in warm water and cotton wool every day. Once you've 'moved' the stain a little you can then use some products to help keep it white, eye envy is very good and I use the whitening powder. Ring 5 is also a very good range that is made in the USA, I use it here in New Zealand.

Good luck with the staining. I love the satisfaction of a stain-free exotic.

I've only ever bred one Exotic, his name was Lonestar and he kept himself really clean. Here's a link to a picture of him as a baby on my website.
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Sorry, I moved the pictures. I have been washing his eyes and they look a little better. Here he is:
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He's very big for four months. Lovely!

Thanks for sharing
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What a cutie pie I hope his eyes are ok
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He's a cutie! EYE ENVY is by far the best product for stain removal, in my experience!! You have to buy it online at
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What a lovely boy!!! that last pic he is giving some major evil eye though
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He always looks grumpy but he isn't!
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