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Cold cat, a concern?

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Obviously winter is upon us here and its cold--Hubby and I don't really keep the house cool the thermostat is probably set on 70--although its an older home and we struggle to balance the heat throughout.

The last 2 weeks or so I've noticed that Harley has taken to sleeping on the heating vent in our bedroom. Do you think he's just cold from the weather or could it be something deeper like a health issue?

He's kind of making our bedroom cooler, cuz he's hogging all the heat!

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Is he normally like that in the winter? We have an older house too. My older guy (11 1/2 yrs old) has always been a heat seeker. I keep the house warmer (68*-70*F) because otherwise he just seems too chilly (and to be honest I get too cold too). Nabu also doesn't have a thick coat like our other 2 cats. I have those heat reflecting pads for him and 3 microwavable heat pads. They seem to help him get through the cold months of the year. Last summer we rarely used the air conditioning--there was a mold issue at the apartment--and Nabu loved it. A few times it got up to 90* inside and he sure seemed to like it.

If this is totally out of character for your kitty, a vet check wouldn't hurt.
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My 17 yr old has her own electric pad.. she adores it and has it on most of the day. If I disconnect it she will immediately look for another source of heat, like sitting on the laptop
My 11 yr old loves when I turn on my electric blanket and does not move from there ..

Cats just love warmth.. and specially older ones

My 3 yrs old on the contrary does not care so much for heat...
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I've got my Harley's bed underneath my desk, which is next to the baseboard heat....she's always under there during the day now that it's cold. Her fur has gotten a lot thicker since she's been living with me, but I still think she gets a chill sometimes. I've got my thermostat set at about 68 - it's not too warm in here, but it isn't cold, either.

If she's not in her bed, she's in my lap, or somewhere on top of me, looking for a warm spot.

Maybe your kitty's just looking for somewhere toasty to park himself? I know I like to be all warm and toasty at night when it's cold outside.
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We have only had him since May and our understanding is that he came to the shelter in February after being a stray--they say he will be 2 in February. So don't know if its out of character for him.

He is a medium hair although his hair is definitely a different texture than my long haired cat.

I'd love to buy a heated cat bed unfortunately hubby lost his job 3 weeks ago and I only work part-time as it is.

Should I just monitor him for now? He's eating etc no problem.

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I would just monitor - I notice mine all look for warmer places when it's cold (and I keep the condo no cooler than 68). Maybe if you see a sale on fleecy material, you could make a little bed for him by lining a box or something with the fleece and putting in a non-drafty area. But, if he's peeing, pooing, and eating fine, you're probably ok. I do notice mine seem to really love sleeping with me when it gets chilly. And I do have nice little beds for them.

I've got a friend with two long hair and one short haired cat - they all head for the heating vents come winter!

Good luck for your husband to find work soon.
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