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Bonnie's babies are 1 week old today!! Pics!

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Well, it's been a great week for the little ones and Bonnie. All of them are thriving and growing bigger each day. Their eyes are all open and they sure do look different!! They are so lemon-shaped and's soooo cute!

The orange/cream baby is the only boy in the bunch and I've named him Dale. The black and white one my daughter named Oreo. We're waiting for our friends to come tonight to name their baby which is the tortie. Still have no name for the blue/white girl.

I didn't get any real great pictures but I took a few and wanted to share them with all of you. Dale was the only real quiet one today, which he normally isn't LOL...he's the whiner, boob-hog. I hope you enjoy

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They are so cute.
I have a Oreo also.
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Congratulations on your new litter! Little Canadian kittens! They are all beautiful, as is their proud mama! I just love to see sweet little kittens--one of life's blessings. Those little pink pawpads are so cute! Jealousy is setting in--good thing I live almost near Florida, too far to run over and adopt one! Omar and Clementine send warmest purrs to the new mama, babies, and "kitty nana!"
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Thanks so much mew2much. Yes I know about your Oreo, told my daughter about it when she named her LOL.

Miss Purrypot, they are my first Devon it's interesting to see what they look like brand new! I love them all and can't wait for them to grow and learn. I love baby kitties so much, it's such a blessing to have them all healthy and Bonnie is doing such a wonderful job with them. It's great all around
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He is so precious
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mb, they are all precious...I'm just a lousy photographer LOL. I am going to try to get better pics tomorrow possibly. I would like individual pictures, but little ones just don't cooperate with the camera like the older ones.
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Those pics are better then the ones I have been trying to take of Cleo.
She is sleeping and grab the camera and she gets up fast.
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AAAHHHHH!!! They are soooooo beautiful. I just love the range of colors.....Enjoy this baby time, it goes by so fast!
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Awww so cute. Thanks for sharng them
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Lele, yeah, they are so sweet. I have been finding that two of the girls have been crawling out of their hut and coming to cuddle with me in the night. The tortie girl has done it twice, and last night it was my blue/white girl...under the blankets!! It's plenty warm in my spare room, I have the heat dish going all the time. Their hut keeps nice n toasty too....I just don't quite understand it. They do come out on their own when we go in there and lay on the bed. I know they can smell us. The are crawling really good for their age, but this to me is weird...their hut is still on the bed with me, Bonnie really likes it there. I don't have a bedframe so that's good because its not as high off the floor, but this week I will have to move Bonnie and the babies to the floor for their own safety.
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oh my they're so gorgeous, i want the blue and white one....ill book the next flight to canada and come pick her up lol *goes off into kitty daydream*
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Ok, here are some more pics from yesterday. I just couldn't wait till Saturday's 2-week birthday LOL.

This is GiGi (short for grey girl)

Oreo--a real softie

Gigi making her big escape!

Gigi thinking its a whole new world out there!
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Oh, my, your little ones are growing up already! I'm so jealous of your little "sleepover-loving" girls--they've figured out awfully quickly who loves them! I've never helped to raise a litter (my kitties have all come to me at 10-12 weeks of age), but I've always been torn between wanting to stop time and just enjoy them as babies and wanting to watch them grow and learn and develop into full-fledged cats. It's always fascinating to see their personalities emerge.

I'm sure you've been beseiged with requests for new photos! All of us can't wait to see the little Bum Fuzzes as they are now! Best wishes to you, Bonnie, and kittens!
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