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2 sick cats Help!

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I took my 2 cats to the vet yesterday for their yearly shots. They were so stressed out that the vet couldn't examine them. They did get the shots tho. Before we made it home they both started throwing up. This continued for several hrs so I called the office back. They told that sometimes they can get sick after the shots but should be ok the next day. Well, this morning they are still sick. They wont drink or even attempt to eat, I even opened a can of wet food with gravy just to get some liquid in them.. They both turned their nose up to it. Now,, (this sounds horrible) but one of not both has diarrhea and its bloody. I have seen one do this. It is the weekend now and no vet is available.. What should I do? I have a pet bottle that I have started trying to get very little liquid in them. They do go to their water bowl and slap at the water but not drink it, even off the paws.

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When you call your vets office is there an emergency number listed? Is there an e-vet that you could at least call? I really think you need to talk to a vet at this point, any vet is better than none, IMO.

for your kitties
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if you can't find the number to the e-vet, call the pound... even though they may be closed at this time, their answering machine msg should have an emergency number to call... at least the one here does... they definately should see a vet though, sooner rather than later...

poor kitties hope they're better soon
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Thanks for the advice. As I am typing this, one is actually drinking now!. My dh seems think they will be ok on their own. The closest e-vet to me is 1 1/2 hrs away. We are afraid that putting them back in the car will stress them out even more. I am really concerned.

I will keep you posted on their condition.

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Give the e-vet that is an 1.5hrs away a call, I know the one by me wil consult on the phone to deterime if it really is a true emergency, and have made suggestions on what I could do while I waited for my vet to open

Glad to hear one of them is drinking!
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I called the e-vet about my 2 cats.. They told me to get a jar of turkey or chicken baby food. Give them 1-2 cc every 2-3 hrs. I just gave them their first meal in 2 days. We will see if they get to feeling better. The one, (Cheech) that had started drinking last night, took it better then Butterbean did. Post later to let you know how they are doing.

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Prayers and for your little ones.
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I'm so glad you were able to talk to someone! Hope the feedings get easier!
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Just make sure the baby food you're giving does NOT contain onion or garlic powder; these can cause a certain type of anemia in a cat.
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