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Past and Present Pets

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I'm not going to post all of the tarantulas that I used to own but here are a few of the other animals that I have/had.

Abby (male =/ oops!) the green iguana:

sleeping after a warm bath


Male dumbo Aiden

Albino male Alex


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Simon my w/c baby rat snake. This guy is kind of my guinea pig in snake care. I'm completely obssessed with getting a hog island boa but I cant until I move out so I'm just testing my care with this guy. So far so good! I've had him for a month now and he had his first shed that came off in one solid piece so I'm thrilled!

Me and my puppy almost a year ago

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Out of all the animals that i've had to rehome for one reason or another, the only one that I actually miss is my horse Samson. He used to be owned by Orlando's Dixie Stampede. I went to work there about a year before they closed. When I got there, Samson had been neglected for 3 years and left out to pasture or locked in a stall. That might not sound too bad but thats 3 years that NO ONE had groomed him or given him any attention. To be honest, he was a complete terror. He had horrid ground manners that took me months to straighten out. I wish I had taken a picture the first day I noticed him. His tail was completely black and manure packed. I had to wash it out 3 times before it completely cleaned out. His coat looked like a chestnut because it was so dusty and dirty.
I had tried twice to purchase him but they wanted 1k for him which was utterly rediculous for the condition he was in at the time. Not to mention I was also still in highschool. The day after they closed, all the horses were split up into different Dixies but no one wanted Samson and no one knew what to do with him. I was finally able to purchase him. Unfortunately, Since Dixie closed, I needed a new job and got one at a Publix but was only getting 7-14hrs a week and had to sell him due to the fact that I wouldnt be able to afford his vet bills in a few months. =*( It broke my heart.

If I could have anything, I would want this boy back. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

Before Sammy gets his treat:

After Sammy gets his treat:

Back at Dixie Stampede

Subbing for one an injured belgian
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Samson was gorgeous, I can see why you would miss him; he has a lovely kind expression to him.
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Wow all your animals are beautiful! Samson looks like a very spirited horse, plus, you've been through so much with him. I hope his new owners are taking good care of him now.
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Beautiful pictures!!! Yay ratties! Super cute!
The horse is gorgeous too! I can see how you would miss him.
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Awwww Samson is gorgeous! I'm so happy you got him out of there, but so sad you had to sell him

You other pets are lovely! Your rats are adorable. I had a blue hooded rat, she was my first baby and I loved her so much. Enzo loved her too. She was 3 years old and just died in August, it broke my heart. Right now I have a curly haired fawn hooded (rex).
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I the pic of you laying with your puppy...that is a beautiful pic.

Samson is gorgeous. I can definately see why you miss him.
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Originally Posted by Lucara View Post
Out of all the animals that i've had to rehome for one reason or another, the only one that I actually miss is my horse Samson.
He is a gorgeous horse. Your quote up there makes makes me very sad, as I have never rehomed a pet before, right now I have six pets and have for many years, my personal pets, I don't foster. In rescue we work hard to find unwanted pets a forever home from homes that didn't want to keep them anymore and chose to rehome them for one reason or another
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