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Hugh Laurie Alert!

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I know there are fans on this board.

He's hosting "Saturday Night Live" tonight! I've sort of gone off the usually depends on the host. I only got back into it when Tina Fey was back on doing her Sarah Palin impression, but that would be the only portion I would watch.

I'll be watching the whole thing tonight!
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I'm going to watch tonight too. I love his British accent, and I'm sure it will be a good program.
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I love SNL!
I shall watch it tonight!
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It sounds strange to hear his British accent.
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Oh I wish we had SNL here in NZ.
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Did anyone watch it? I was so tired, I had been to dinner at friends', and got home and got in my jammies and kept nodding off! The parts I saw were sort of lame. The writing is not as good on this show as in the past, IMO. And, (once again....only IMO) Hugh Laurie looked sort of uncomfortable in some of it. He's a wonderful comedian, and I wonder how much input he had in the writing. It was great hearing him talk in his regular accent, though.

Although, in some sketches he was using an American accent. At least the ones I saw.

Love him, though! He looked hot!
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So pleased you chaps like our boy. We've only just got used to his American accent!
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I missed it...was out and rather busy!
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I missed it!

He's sexy!
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