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Saturday!!! What are your Plans?

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Morning All

Chilly one here this morning -18C but it is suppose to warm up this afternoon.

Heading off to the library after lunch they are doing a travelogue for Costa Rica today so that should be interesting.

Stopping by my aunts for coffee and goodies after that, maybe out to dinner with her or if she doesn't want to go out we will have dinner at her house. She doesn't like being out and about in the winter time to much.

The kitties actually let me sleep in this morning which was nice. I took an extra pain killer before bed because my hands have been acting up due to the weather and that knocked me right out.

The kitties have all decided it's to chilly to be up so they are all under the comforter on my bed snoring..Lazy bunch.

Everyone have a great day.
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Good morning to all of you my dear TC´ers...

Nothing special for today...I´m sitting in my desk of the Ofice......until noon.... on afternoon to make some garden labour....

what about the weather? prettie cool for us...:

I know, I know this is not cold for you but for frozen!... REMEMBER?...I´m a tropical creature....
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Rigel! You are just tormenting us North Americans with those temperatures!

Tierre- how cute are your cats to snuggle up like that?

Pushy is currently helping his dad to sleep in today. Gotta have a nice warm kitty on you for a proper catnap.
Today my plans are to write Christmas cards and make a cheesecake or pavlova. Haven't decided which yet.
Have a good day everyone!
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Hello there peeps!

It's now the afternoon here, 3:45pm...and so far today it has been raining non stop and I have been busy the whole time. My sister celebrates her 21st birthday today, and at about 7:30pm this evening we have got a party for her.

Mum and I have spent the entire afternoon up until now preparing food and clearing away things we don't need. It's all good

Anyways, have a good day
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Today is my FIL's Christmas party. It's a small gathering but quite entertaining. They haven't seen my belly bump either.
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My plans for the day...well in a couple of hours,I have to go out and do some more Christmas shopping (today is when I get Bam's presents!) and then I will be spending the day at my mom's for a little while with my daughter and sisters.And later tonight I have a guy friend coming over for abit.

Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Today my plans are to write Christmas cards and make a cheesecake or pavlova. Haven't decided which yet.
Have a good day everyone!
Make CHEESECAKE!!! The best food in the world is cheesecake,specially when it is homemade! Yum,yum!
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I don't know if you remember that our son, Ben, won an art contest sponsored by the San Francisco symphony, which he did and the prize was three seats to the family symphony. Today is one of the performances, featuring Mussorky's Pictures at an Exhibition, which is one of my favorites.

So, we will be heading to SF via BART (suburban rail). DH asked if we should drive or take BART. I said, "What are you crazy? You want to drive to SF before Christmas? Do you have a death wish?"

I am looking forward to the performance.
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I was planning on doing some more Christmas shopping but it has started snowing and it supposed to keep snowing until Tuesday. Sooo I think I will stay in until toight when we have to go to a company Chritsmas pary.
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Well, it`s been a busy day! I layed in till 10:30! Then I brought the Christmas tree in and started decorating it.

Then I had to go upstairs to work but just for half an hour.

Then I came back and finished decorating the tree and tidied up. Maisie and I had cuddles in the afternoon and watched Catherine Tate DVD. I decided she smelt of poo even though I couldn`t find it so I decided to give her a bath. By then It was 5pm so I uploaded my Secret Santa pics ( took forever! )

Now it`s ten to 7 so I`m off to finish this dvd with Maisie for a while No doubt I`ll be back on later

Hope everyone has a good day!
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I am really disappointed . I have been planning for over a month to go to the city today, and do my Christmas shopping. It is -20 with a wind chill tempature of -48 . So I am stuck at home
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I was off my weekend job today so I slept in, and I got you beat, Linny! I didn't get up til 11:30

I went ot my Mom's today to help decorate and had dinner there and now I'm back home for my usual Saturday evening of TCS
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Well, things didn't quite go according to plan. I got exactly zero cards written, and decided I couldn't be bothered baking anything! I did make a curry for dinner though.
I blame TCS fair and square for unproductivity.
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Well, Sunday plans as i'm ahead of alot of you lol.

I just finished cooking a vegetarian shepherds pie. Filled it with beans, peas, champignons, red lentils, onion, 4 beans mix, chives, parsley, mountain pepper, vege stock, vege based cacciatore sauce & cornflour to thicken. Topped it with mash (with milk, chives and a little grated parmisan) Baked for about 40 mins and voila

It's only midday i'm not sure what else i might do. A little tidy, some vacuuming, painting, who knows
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Well, we set our alarms for 7am, even though we generally ignore the regular alarm clock. Woke up at 9ish finally, took a shower, then made some Velveeta for brunch.

Left for work for a few hours, then picked up some ammo to go to the range. Picked up Rob and met a friend and his friend at the gun range to shoot for awhile. Spent about an hour there, then went to Waffle House for dinner. Headed home and watched the 4th Dirty Harry movie for date night (though Rob "owes" me a date night dinner since I dont count going out with 2 other guys a date night ), now I'm surfin' the net for our next gun purchase (shotgun for me and a .40 handgun for Rob) and getting ready to go to bed, I'm beat!

Tomorrow will be vet day for the furbabies, luckily that's not until 2pm I need to catch up on some extra sleep!
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