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My cats get along great. It's so adorable seeing the interaction between them, and not only are they not all related, but some were adopted as adults, and have integrated perfectly.

In 2004 (not counting my eldest who lives with my mom - 2002), I got my eldest living with me, she was dumped in my yard at 5 weeks. Beautiful fluff ball. She went on to have 3 kittens, one of whom my heart breaks every day because I was forced into a situation where I could only keep 2, because I didn't have the cash it'd take to take all the kittens home to my home state, but I did find her a good home. I kept 2 of my eldest cats, kittens, and one went walkabout, and so I had my eldest & her son still.

I then rescued 2 female kittens. It was a 120F day, and I had seen some kittens hanging around with their mom near my house late at night. I kept feeding them because the poor darlings were starving. One day I thought screw this, and I knocked on the peoples door, and asked if I could take the babies, they said I could take one but they wanted the girl, so I grabbed her up but as I walking down the path, I saw this emaciated kitten laying on the boiling hot concrete. sprawled out and barely conscious and as a last thought, grabbed her too.

The kittens were flea ridden, they were 3 months but weighed about 2lb each. You could see the bones. I have photographs of them then, and they were horrible, one was near death, the one on the hot concrete.

Well, the one on hot concrete then went on to have 4 babies, all of whom are one of a kind absolutely beautiful looking cats and I couldn't part with them. So I ended up having 8, the mother son, aunt mother & babies. a friend soon wanted me to take on her cat skittles, so I ended up with 9.

I soon moved interstate, and soon after Skittles died of what we assumed was possibly a blood cancer. Taking me down to 8, I then adopted a 9 month old, a 1 year old and a 2 year old from the local vet - and I adore them, they are BEAUTIFUL and they actually mother the little ones - licking them, cuddling them, protecting them.

So I ended up having 11, but then I got the "I want a baby" syndrome lol and adopted 2, 8 week olds from a local pet shop after falling in love with them, and was content with my lot.

But, fate is cruel at times lol, because 2 weeks after satiating my "I want a baby" syndrome lol.... one of the "4"... she had 7!!! I didn't even realize she was pregnant, came home one day and started counting....

Unfortunately, the 2 girls I rescued came with a hidden surprise.... one is a cat flu carrier and the other gets it at random. She passed this on to 2 of her babies, and 2 became carriers and unfortunately one of the carriers was the mother of the 7, which means, that I lost 1 of them because of it and the other 6 are chronic, very small cats, huge nutritional problems, and I nearly lost 2 more of them, but I've fought for them.

I then ended up getting 2 more dumped on me, because whilst at the vet with one of my other cats (of the 4) when she miscarried 3 babies (and I tried to save the 3rd, even going as far to try and get a surrogate mommy for him as her mommy wasn't paying attention to him) and the vet refused to take the 2 kittens, and I knew what would happen, they'd have been dumped, and they were beautiful long haired cats, so I said I'd find them homes, which never eventuated . Unfortunately, one of these had obviously been abused, because I have to now handle a cat with ADD & Autistic like tenancies

So my 2 original are mother & son (2), then I have a great aunt/grandma/aunts/uncles/mother&kittens (12), a sibling group (2), another sibling group (2), and (3) that I adopted as older cats, equaling 21. They do cost a lot, in time and money, but they're worth it.

As for potential partners? Hahaha, I've always been able to stooge them into helping me. My ex Husband used to do the entire lot lol.
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i just have the two because i live in a flat and am only meant to have one, when we can finally et our own house ill have more i think
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I just have two of my own cats, I deliberately keep my numbers low due to fostering, I never know when a foster is going to end up being long term or need things that the rescue can't always afford, so I pay. AT the mment I have 4 fosters, so I have a houseful of oldies, 3 of which have health issues (2 are also disabled), one has behavioural issues - so far, she is the only one that can be rehomed, although I am hoping one of the ones with health issues can be rehomed. My personal limit is 5, but I am often at 6, I have a problem with saying the word no!! i am good at rehoming though, I have only kept 3 out of 70 fosters, one of which wasn't my choice, and 3, possibly 4 living thier life out here due to health issues.

I dont particularly care about settling down with a bloke, part of me is happy not to, I dont have to answer to anyone then, or be restricted as to waht I take in. Sometimes it would be nice to have some support when going through healht issues, but then I might end up having to argue if I want to let go and they dont.
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I have 5 cats now. 4 Siamese and 1 Persian.And 1 Golden Retriever. I like having a a multiple cat family. They all get along great.
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I have 5 that live with me, a feral colony of about 14 and my babies at the shelter that I am socialising of which I usually have about 5 that I am working with and another 40 or so friendly ones to hug when socialising is getting me down.

I have thought so many times about adding a sixth, there is a brown tabby now I would love to take home but I really dont want to stress my other cats out and they are happy together at the moment which in a multicat household is a plus
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I brought 2 three-week old kittens home from a construction site near work - mommy had been killed. We had them, Molly and Halsey, for a year when our neighbors adopted and abandoned a kitten. (They got bored with her at 12 weeks!) Her name is Gracie.

Then Chester and Teresa's very feral mother dropped them in our back yard and they, too came inside. (I was willing to have them be our "outside cats" but my husband's nixed that idea.) Animal control picked up their mother. She was euthanized before I found out what had happened. She's the reason I do cat rescue and TNR now.

Then the same neighbors adopted another cat and abandoned her - at least she was 7 months old. Her name is Josephine. Those neighbors moved, thank goodness.

So, Molly and Halsey are three, Gracie, Chester and Teresa are two and Josephine is one and a half.

I foster for a no-kill shelter, so right now we have four kittens from two litters residing on our sun porch. Maggie is nine weeks and is practically living inside our house. Our cats all love her - even the tortie Teresa, who hates everbody!

The other three are five week old brothers - Gus, George and Gene. My cats are usually right at the porch door, trying to figure out whose out there. But with this last foster litter, I guess they got used to the idea because no one's even bothered to look.
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In our city we can only have 5 cats and 3 dogs. If I had my choice I would have 5 cats, but my husband would divorce me. He always said if I were single I would be the crazy cat lady everyone talked about. lol

In our suburbs some of them have strange rules for how many pets you can have. Like in one you can only have 3 animals total (between dogs and cats) over the age of 3 months. There are quite a few of them that state that residents can have up to two dogs and one cat or up to two cats and one dog for a total of three (residents cannot have 3 animals of the same species) or residents can have up to two cats and up to two dogs for a total of 4 animals (residents cannot have more than two animals of one species). I have NO idea why they would have such a rule, and it seems silly to me, but I don't come up with them. LOL
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I have 3 grown females in the house as well as 3 maybe female kittens. (unsure of sex just yet) as well as 11 not so feral ferals living in the cat barn behind the house. It is basically a cat's house. So I own 17 in total
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My cat has an identity crisis, living as the only kitty with several dogs.
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Need I say more

This was actually a few years ago when I was fostering. I know only have 3 indoor and 3 outdoor strays that I feed.
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You start out thinking Multi-Cat Households are cute - Until, like me, you get home from work one day, to find 7 of your precious babies (the males - who will be having the snip very soon! lol, maybe that'll calm them down) are absolutely drenched, meowing pitifully, and have flooded not only their portion of the house, but the portion of the house with your 14 others (females & the non-intact - I may be busy at work, but I don't want anymore cats and am very, very careful to keep them separate) who are doing their best climbing onto every above ground surface they can find.

Your first concern isn't for the house of course - it's for your babies, who are terrified and potentially have burnt toes or noses, because of course, they'd have to turn the HOT water on now wouldn't they?! Grrr, to top it off, they now need baths, and they are the worst to bath, because one is 5kg, and seriously - he is STRONGER THAN ME! He wins 9/10 when he wants to, although usually he is a calm cat, of course he has to be, he knows he has the power (big strong ginger brat).

So in between getting them sorted, cleaning the house, I have pitiful meowing from the culprits, the girls are looking on in shock as if to say "Why did you do that for?", and my big Buddah boy Jaszper is rotating around my ankles, because that boy has a serious eating problem and of course the flooding hasn't put him off his want of good & attention lol

I adopted him big (2 years old and all fat - I swear, he is probably 6 or 7kg easy) and he always wants food (I only feed my cats dry food, usually optimum as it sits right with the tummies of the ones with the genetic nutritional problems - in fact, that & royal canin SAVED THE LIVES of some of my kittens before we realized the problem. optimum is just easier to find, although not as good as royal canin.) I love my cats but gee they can be brats sometimes.
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I'm currently at 4 cats. That may not seem like a lot to some, but considering that we are in a 400 sq foot appartment it's a bit of a tight squeeze. There is a possiblity of having a 5th, but that depends on the state of someone elses financial situation.
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We currently have two. One boy and one girl. Both are fixed. They are our babies. They get along fabulously considering they are 5 years apart! I grew up in a two cat household my entire life, so two is a good number for us!
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I recently had a pet-sitting gig for a lady who had 8 cats. She had adopted a female from the APL, found out the female was pregnant and kept mom and all 5 kittens, then adopted 2 more a few years later. The funniest thing was that the mom Meh Too (Burmese/Myanmar for "Blackie") was both the tiniest and one of the most ornery of the whole crew.

I also had a friend who decided to foster a female from the Humane Society and found out the female was pregnant. After the kittens were born, the Humane Society kept sending her more orphaned kittens to foster. (She's home during the day and did a lot of bottle-feeding.) At one point she had 14 kittens plus the mom cat; she ended up keeping 8. Sadly, all 8 kittens were FeLV-positive, and 4 of them crossed the Bridge before they turned two.

This summer, I was considering adding a third, but Rocky and Oliver are littermates who've been together since birth. I don't know how well they'd bond with a new arrival.
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We have 3 and it seems the perfect number for us.
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I have 4 cats, all indoor. Thats plenty for me
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i have 3 right now, sabastian i had for 13yrs, nipper for about 1 yr, and Princess my new himmy for about 2 weeks now. as of right now me and BF agreed upon 4, we both agree the next one we will pick out at the animal shelter, but we also agreed we will not be going to the animal shelter for a while, cause once we do, we will def be coming home with something

we have alot of clutter in the house, theres one room completley filled with clutter that id like to clean completly out and turn into the cats room, if we do that then id get a few more...i dont think id go past 7 or 8 tho.

and my BF is absolutely wonderful with the cats, when i 1st met him i only had sabastian and he instantly fell in love with him and spoils him with attention and affection everyday, hes a wonderful father. a few times that sabastian got really sick he paid for a couple huge vet bills and told me not to worry cause he would never let anything happen to his "son". Then we both agreed on taking in Nipper, and we decided on a 3rd cat and what i originally went looking for was an orange tabby, i have always wanted one, but at the one pet store i ran into princess and thought she was beautiful and also she had such a nice disposition, but then i seen the price and kinda forgot about her, a week later i went to a diff pet store, and there she was again! they moved her to another pet store! so i played with her for a bit, and went to visit her for a month straight and told BF he had to see her, well once he seen her it was instant love, he said lets get her, i still told him she was expensive and we should think about it, so we put her on hold for a day, and went back for her within an hour! we always joke and say the we are going to be "married with cats" lol. im very lucky to have found a guy like him who loves cats and animals in general as much as me
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I've got ten felines and my personal limit is 5, let me explain

Two desexed cats - Elmo & Sophie (stayers)
One desexed kitten - Bart (may be going to his new home on Sunday)
One entire cat - Flutterby (stayer)
One entire kitten - Fluffy
Five 13 day old kittens - they will be going to new homes when they're old enough

Breeding cats means I can't keep them all but they're still my babies!
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We have 6 cats that live with us, 1 that lives at my husbands office, and 10 ferals that live in my husbands warehouse
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I have 2 indoor cats-Zippy(female 9yos tabby/white)and Pumpkin(female 5yos orange tabby).I can't imganie having more then 3 cats tops.That's my limit.
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I have 3 indoors, 1 indoor-outdoor, 1 outdoor, a couple of ferrals that just come for food and in the hotel I work at I have about 30-40 (some also wonder around in the houses around - it is a greek island)
My hubby wont let me have another , but my boss do not care as long as I take care of them, so when I find a lonley, malnourished, sick cat, after he/she is ok I take them to the hotel I work at, and if is a female I fix her.
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I have two girls right now and that's the most I've ever had at any point in my life.
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I've three indoor cats. Two boys and a girl.
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Well, I had 4 up until recently, then dear little Baby Bonnie came along. So now I have two boys and three girls.

The oldest (Ginger) will be 4 this year, and the youngest is little Bonnie at just about 12 weeks old.
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five here too ...

two girls and three boys...
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At the beginning of this thread, I had three cats. Now I have five.
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I have 6 indoor cats today. Tomorrow I will have 7! I am going to the Shelter tomorrow to pick up a sweet little girl cat named Ace. I don't think I am going to keep the name Ace. I have 1 outdoor cat that adopted us that we care for. He normally doesn't want to come in the house but since the weather has got cold he has been hanging out with us in the house.
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Originally Posted by abbycats View Post
I have 6 indoor cats today. Tomorrow I will have 7! I am going to the Shelter tomorrow to pick up a sweet little girl cat named Ace. I don't think I am going to keep the name Ace. I have 1 outdoor cat that adopted us that we care for. He normally doesn't want to come in the house but since the weather has got cold he has been hanging out with us in the house.
how exciting! we'll be waiting [w/bated breath!] for !
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Right now I have four...I had five until a couple of months ago, when some friends of mine fell helplessly in love with our male kitty... so he is living with them now.
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We have eight in the house right now: Sassy (mine), Stratus (mine), Sophie, Kiara, Bellona, Abby, Newbie (my sister's), and Tanzie (my best friend's sister's).
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