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Could she be in heat??

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Does a cat have to yowl to be in heat??

Nora is 7 months old. I have an appt to get her spayed shortly after Christmas.

The past couple days she has been VERY affectionate, but since we got Milo she hadn't been so I chalked it up to adjusting and just getting back to her old self. Now she is also rubbing her face on, my desk, my cell phone, the sofa...everything. lol

She hasn't done the butt up thing yet, but when I pet her back she puts her tail straight out to the side, which she normally doesn't do. She usually looks like a Meerkat with her tail straight up with a curl at the tip of it, like a question mark. She's done that since we got her.

She also started a new noise today that she has never done before. It isn't a yowl, and she has only done it a few times. It is like a soft, deep, throaty grumble/meow, thing. lol

Do you think she could be in heat or am I imagining things because I don't want her to be?? I'm hoping she holds off until she gets spayed, but I'm afraid I won't be that lucky. Milo is far too young to mate with her (I hope, he is 13 weeks old supposedly) plus he is far too small to physically be able do it. She is much bigger than he is.
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May be. I have also heard that cats can have a 'silent' heat and may not show many symptoms at all.

I think as long as you let the vet know how she has been acting, the spay will be ok.
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Sounds like heat to me.
Some young males can get girls preg at that age.
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Really? I doubt that he really is 13 weeks, though. They told me he was born on 9/9, but he was VERY small when I got him for him being 11-12 weeks old. He still had not grown out of or learned not to bite and scratch hands like an older kitten should have. I don't know, though. I should ask the vet when I take him in on Tuesday. The people I got him from were on a farm. They pretty much threw him at me and shoved me out the door. lol He was skin and bones and filthy dirty (so much I had to give him a bath when we got home, it was terrible) so I just took him. I guarantee he was less than a pound when I brought him home, and he was TINY. He is up to about 2lbs now and seems much healthier.
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I got my new kitten a few days ago and she is a month older then yours is and weighs almost 4 pounds.
Your kitten looks younger because he had a rough start.
My Meeko was 1 pound at 3 months old and was very sick.
My Oreo was smaller then your kitten also and was 3 months when I got her.
I have a cat that could not be fixed and my male was fixed at 3 months.
I was told he could get her preg even at that age.
Some males are ready and some are not.
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So far I have never seen any behavior from him that indicates he is that mature. Plus, she still doesn't like him enough to let him get fresh with least I hope not. LOL I've never had a cat in heat before so I have no idea. I'm sure even if she is pregnant, Christmas is only 12 days away and her appt is a few days after, so she can still get spayed.
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My kitten was done Nov 20th and has a small scar.
Way smaller then I expected.
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It sounds like heat to me. Good thing that she goes in for her spay soon!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
It sounds like heat to me. Good thing that she goes in for her spay soon!
I completely agree!! lol I SO do not want to deal with a litter of kittens.

I told my husband about the symptoms and that she may be in heat, and to be careful when going in and out of the house as she may try to dart. He'll keep an eye out. She has an appt on Tuesday with Milo, so I'll talk to the vet about it then.
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sure sounds like she is... I had a cat that made not a sound when she was in heat (it was great!! lol), if it wasn't for her rubbing her face everywhere and rolling around on the carpet and sticking her butt in the air anytime we or our other cat came near her, then we would never know she was in heat lol
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