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Inky is So Sad

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Our 7 year old pixie-bob, Inky is staying with some friends of our temporarily while we work towards getting a new apartment. We had to move and are staying with family in the meantime and a member of the household is very allergic so Inky can't stay here with us. Our friends were gracios enough to house him for us for two or three months while we find a new apartment. They said he was doing fine for the first two or three weeks. Last week my fiance visited them and ever since then he has been peeing all over, and being aggressvie towards their other kitten and their dog and even to themselves. And he sits at the door and cries now and he even tried to get out. It is obvious he wants to come back with us but we just can't yet. I don't knoe what we should do in the meantime though. Do we visit more often? Do we stop visiting period? Is there something else we could try? Please help. Its killing my fiance and me to be away from inky at all. It was bearable at first because everything seemed like it was going great. But know its just horrible feeling that he's not happy.
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My first thought would be a vet visit. He could have a urinary tract infection.

After vet rules out urinary problem you can try to work through the behavioral.

Is there any way you can keep him confined to the bedroom you are staying in and not allow him in the rest of the house. You could use a HEPA air purifier and keep the room vacuumed. My daughter, now grown, lives with cats and is severely allergic to them. It can be done when you find what works for you.

If he is sick it may stress him more being away from his family. I hope he checks out ok and can be with you soon. All the best to you.
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I agree. Stress can affect a cats health, so moving for some cats with another cat and dog without his family, could stress him. Anytime a cat suddenly starts spraying like that, urinary tract infection is usually the culprit. He needs to see a vet. Is he neutered?
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