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Natural foods brands?

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Right now my 8 month old kitten is eating a mixture of Iams Kitten and Science Diet Kitten. (Both dry) I found a store near me that sells natural, grain free and raw foods but I never heard of any of these brands before and wondered if anyone has any suggestions for a better food than what he's currently eating. Is it necessary to switch to a natural or grain free brand? He seems to be doing quite well on what he's eating and his coat is very shiny. I just want to keep him healthy. Here are the brands the store sells...

Bravo Raw Diets
California Natural
Go Natural
Nature's Variety
Premium Edge
Primal Raw Diets
Solid Gold
Spots Stew
Taste of the Wild
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For what I hear, Wellness CORE is one of the best around - pretty expensive too... I am transitioning Lucky to a grain free all natural also, called Orijen - the only problem is that it is hard to find, so I order it on the web. Grain free is definitely the way to go... Unless kitty has kidney problems, then it is not appropriate.
BTW: No matter what you do, transition slowly to prevent digestive problems... especially on grain free foods, that are much richer than what she is now...

Good luck!
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Bravo Raw Diets- look great you can mix and match to the kitties needs
California Natural- good brand but lately quality has gone done
Fromm- many love it hard to get here
Go Natural- good but $$
Healthwise- naturas lower end
Innova- good but grainy... cept for evo
Merrick- good reading many love it others wont touch ( mine are the latter)
Nature's Variety- I use from time to time
Premium Edge- good
Primal Raw Diets- NA
Solid Gold- TOO grainy cept for no grains and the tuna wet is addictive
Spots Stew- IMHO good for a human not a cat
Taste of the Wild- I feed it they like
Wellness- good but $$
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Some of mine are on Taste of the Wild. It is considered a 'grain free' and is less expensive. All my cats like it.
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it took me a looong time to ween Kitty off SD They both love Innova EVO dry now
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I plan to start switching my cats to Wellness Core. It is expensive, though. Almost twice as expensive as Iams Kitten, at least here, which is what I'm feeding now.

They currently eat Wellness kitten wet food, which is grain free.
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