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Can I get some help?

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I know I haven't been here very long but I need some help. My brother in law entered a contest at his work today, and if he wins he will get some money that will help him a ton for offsetting the costs of Christmas. He had to make a 2ish minute video about "I love UNMC", the place he works for and put it on youtube. The person with the most views at the end of the contest (sometime in January) will win.

If you don't mind, just click on this link here, which will take you to Youtube. If you don't want to, no big deal and it won't break my heart. He would just appreciate it, as would I. So far he is WAY far behind everyone else. The poor guy only has 11 views, and the person with the most has around 1,700! Yikes.

Thank you!!

Btw, he is the one that answers the phone. lol
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I clicked, but do you have to be signed in for it to count because its still only showing 11 views, even thought I watched it?
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it shows 45 now
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I have no clue. My husband is looking at it now and it says it has 45ish views.

ETA - lol we posted at the same time.
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Showed 45 when I clicked it just now. So not sure if my view will count.
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It's going up, so your views are helping!! He's at 67 now. Thanks everyone!!
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It showed 71 views when I watched it
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It's up to 132 views.
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That's really cute!
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viewed it ... it's at 132 now... I'm going ot see if I can get some more views for you... I'm going to post it on some other forums if that's ok with you
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152 now
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I'm going to pass it around too, if that's ok. I was playing it and DH (a BIG Star Wars fan) was watching over my shoulder. Cute take on an add...and your brother-in-law is pretty cute too.
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Cute Ad!!!! Done, and rated 5-stars too
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Anyone is more than welcome to pass it on if they want to, he can use all the help he can get!! Thanks!!!
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He is up to 443, and counting!! Pretty good for only about 36 hours since posted! He's had tons of help, and a lot from great people on here!! Thanks everyone!!

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I just watched it and it's up to 491!!
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That was hilarious

It's the most recently added and it's tied for 5th place: pretty good so far! I'll wait until the contest is over to watch the others.
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