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Looking for tips on grooming a reluctant himalyan

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Hi everyone,
I have a 1 1/2 yr old blue lynx himalayan. Beautiful kitty with very long, very silky fur. She allows me to comb her back, tail without too much fuss, but when it comes to her belly, she cuts a shine, growls, struggles to get away and has tried to bite me. I brush her at the very least daily, sometimes twice a day, and I have used several different types of combs/brushes with no different reaction. What works best is a fine tooth brush, because it effectively removes loose dead hair and as a result does a better job..quicker.
Anyone have any ideas how to make this needed chore a little easier to tolerate?
I should add here that she detests being picked and held, so that may very well be part of her problem, because when I comb her belly I have to hold her.
Thanks in advance.
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The way I do Jack's belly--long hair. Is I stand him up on his back legs while holding his front legs with my one hand (he is usually biting my hands at this point) but it gives me good access to his belly to comb. He's gotten much better about allowing me to do this and if we do it quickly it's not painful for either one involved!

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I have a Seal Lynx Himalayan that is just exactly like yours about grooming. I do her in shifts I stand her on her hind legs also. There is another trick I use that is hard to explain but I will try. I wrap my arm around her(the one with the comb hand) and snuggle her up against me in a standing on all four position so she is tight up against me.I then bend over her and lift the hind leg that is away from me with my free hand so I can comb the inside of her hind leg and lower belly. She started to get real nasty about a week ago and I scruffed her and said NO, she got real irritated with me and sulked for a couple of hours but now she is a little better. You probably know but scruffing is what the mom cat does when the kittens are brats. She grabs them by the back of the neck to stop the nonsense. This is done with the kitten on something solid, you don't pick them up, grab the scruff and hold them. I also never push the issue when she is real upset. When she gets upset I comb something easy for a bit and then if she calms down I work some more, if not I wait a bit. Heaven is having a Himalayan like her sister, she rolls over and kneads and purrs when I comb her.
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