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I just don't know anymore

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Mikey....still has his diarrhea. Went back to vet last weekend, they did stool test, NOTHING. But they gave a week worth of Panacur and nothing. Still diarrhea. He farts alot too and its noisy when he goes to use his litter box.

Just now, he came into my office room stood on the suitcase and screamed really loud once and just pooped right there! Now he's just laying down. I gave him his dostage today and tomorrow is his last one.

Anyway, I don't know, is the vet just playing guess work now? He didn't loose any weight but gained a little since a month ago. I did stop the soft food as they told me to. But nothing helps.

Oh and when I wiped him, it looed like it was blood. But no blood in his stool. Maybe I wiped him too hard? Not usre, but he had poop all over him so I had no choice.
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Have they checked for giardia and coccidia?
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Have they checked for giardia and coccidia?
No, I asked them about it, (giardia) they said no because he's not loosing weight and no blood in stool nor is he throwing up.
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Honestly, I'd insist they check. Cotton had a nasty case of Giardia and the diarrhea was his only symptom - not blood and he'd actually gained weight. I'd also want to check, just to be safe because it is one illness that can sometimes pass to humans.
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Hi MoKuzz,

Sorry, I'm sure you've been asked here before (I'm a little rushed for time and tried to read your past posts but didn't have time to search more)........but has a food allergy been considered or ruled out?

What's kitty's age?

Where did you get him from, what's his history?

What do you presently feed him?

TwoKatz has posted some great info, based on her experiences with her cats who had a type of parasite that unfortunately was misdiagnosed....called Tritrichomonas Foetus (TF). Apparently most Vets don't know about it therefore don't test for it but it's been found to be a common cause of diarrhea in cats in which no other known cause has been found.

Here's TwoKatz post on it:

I'm sure you could contact her for more specific info.

Here is an article about it, too........something you may wish to print out and take to your Vet. It explains about how it's diagnosed (the specific test) and treatment options:
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-Hello he's 8-9 months old.

-I got him from a shelter. Well, it's more of a woman's house. She has a shelter in her townhouse. So the cats are running all over her house.

-We feed him dry food. I forgot the name, but its a mix of kitten food and cat food since we have a 1 1/2 year old cat also and we all work, so giving them seperate food doesn't work. Used to give him soft kitten food too but stopped that last week as the vet said not to.

I have called Banfield and told them I want a Giardia exam done. I mean. It'll cost $$ but I rather be sure. I have also printed the other article and will show them that.

It could easily be food allergy, but we've tried different types of foods. He was diagnosed with roundworms 2 months ago and thats where it all began.

Another thing, when he stayed at the shelter, the woman always fed the cats organic food. Ours isn't organic.
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Hi there,

When you say you've tried different types of did you go about making the switch? Did you do it very gradually? Sudden food changes will often cause diarrhea just from the shock to the digestive system.......a gradual introduction of the new food is best; otherwise, the diarrhea that results from the new food may simply be due to the sudden switch as opposed to an actual allergy to something in the ingredients.

Can you check the name of the foods you feed? Maybe folks could make suggestions here, on what might be something to try.
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We give them both Friskies Seafood Sensations. Since the doc said to feed him kitten food, we can't seperate them two so we mix the kitten food with the seafood sensations.

When we first got him, he went from organic to friskies and wiskias meat lover. That's what Samantha's been eating for a year and half. So Mikey took on those food right away. Ever since his diarrhea, he's stopped eating the Wiskas and we dont' buy them anymore for either cats. He gets his own kitten flavor soft food and Samantha gets her soft food. That's the only time we can seperate them with different food. But when we're at work, we leave them with the dry food. But other than that, we don't change food from time to time or anything like that.

OK so from the Vet today:

They did the giardia test. Which they knew would be negative since he's been on Panacur for 7 days, which is a med they use to treat giardia. So the test was just a waste. They also said Tritrichomonas foetus was not it either since they did a fecal test and did the smear test last weekend and didn't find anything then.

They did another fecal test for bacterias and said there are alot of different types of bacterias in him and no way to saw what he has since it's so broad. THey prescribed him Metronidasole for that but it's hard to feed him tablet. I don't have experience on how to do it. I also bought I/D prescription diet, and he's supposed to be on that for the next week (soft food) and has to eat ONLY that. So I have to leave him locked all day when I'm at work I guess. Oh, he didn't really eat the soft food yet. He only ate a little bit but not like ususal when he finishes the whole plate of food. Well, I'm going to give him some more tonight before going to sleep, if not, I'll leave him hungry all night and he'll DEFINETLY eat it in the morning. I hope.
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Because I don't know anything about the TF I can't comment a whole lot--my gut tells me that unless the vet knew specifically to look for it, which I doubt they did, that they wouldn't have found it.

My other opinion is that I hate Banfield vets I think they suck. Just my 2 cents

IMHO the quality of food they are eating is not good at all. Cats need animal protein in their diet, that is what is natural to them--grains are not natural.

When looking at the ingredients on a bag of cat food they are listed in the order of amount included, another words the first 3 ingredients is what the food contains the most of. Ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, poultry by-product meal those are the first three ingredients in Friskies Seafood Sensations. the AAFCO (which is in charge of cat food) defines poultry by product meal as "Consists of the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered poultry (chickens, geese, ducks turkeys), such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, intestines, exclusive of feathers, except in such amounts as might occur unavoidably in good processing practices."

Basically there is next to no animal protein in that food. I'd highly suggest looking for a cat food that lists animal protein (not by product) in the first and second ingredient spots. Petsmart Brand Authority, Nutro Max Cat, Nutro Natural Choice, IAMS healthy naturals with natural chicken, Purina Pro Plan senstive skin and stomachs might be a good one to try

Nutrition seems to be the factor as meds don't seem to have helped.

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