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My kitten won't eat her cat food!

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and my kitty has an appt at the vet on Tuesday but I'm wondering if I should take her sooner...

I've noticed she's stopped eating her cat food. She's drinking plenty of water, but she won't touch her cat food. She used to chomp through 2 sachets a day, I'd get home from work and runs to her bowl when I put more food out for her.

But lately she's barely touched her food when I get home and when I replace it with fresh food she doesn't go near it.

I've tried different flavours so she isn't bored, I've used her favourite, and she won't touch it.

The only food I can get her to eat is food I cook, like if I boil her up some chicken or some fresh fish.

She's going to the toilet pretty normal though I have noticed it's a bit softer than usual and she's having trouble getting her bottom completely clean.

Is something wrong with her or is she just being fussy with the food? Should I take her to the vet urgently?

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Keep a very close eye on her, and if you can get her in quicker than Tuesday, it might be a good idea.

First, examine her mouth to be sure there isn't something stuck in it.

Cats can suffer liver damage very quickly (a matter of just a few days) if they don't eat properly.

Others here can give you more advice.
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She eats the food I cook for her very well - she gobbled up all the chicken I gave her, and then later went over to the plate as if looking for more so I put some wet food out for her and she didn't touch it all night. She used to love her wet food...I'm wondering if maybe she's being fussy or has decided she's had enough of the wetfood?

But also whenever I give her food I've prepared, like fish or chicken, if anyone tries to go near her or walks past her plate while she's eating, she starts growling and puts her paw on her food as if to stop us from taking it from her. She's never like that with her wet food and it's not like we've ever taken her food off her.......?
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