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The best blonde joke in the world!

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-Sarah of Borg (don't blame me!)
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OMG!!! I totally fell for that!! I clicked on three links
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BTW!! back!
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haha I went as far as three too before I realized!!!!!!
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Too funny!
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Me, too! Oh, no, maybe those AREN'T gray hairs!
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Ok,I must be blonde..I clicked and clicked and clicked, and clicked.....I feel like a dork!! Too funny!
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Cute!! Very cute!!

Thanks for sharing the sites. i like the Metal Flakes site. Looks very cool and neat. i might go there some times... !

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LOL , I'm not even going to tell you , how many links I clicked on ...

Thank You For Sharing
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Wow! I clicked alot of links!
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LOLOLOL that was soooooo funny
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Click, click, click ......... Thanks for the joke. LOL
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Ok, I'm not sure if I did it right or what, but the first link says "click here", then you keep clicking on them, right? But you know what? If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, it tells you a joke (blonde one of course). Here it is off the Metalflakes board:

(Oh, and for all of you who kept on clicking, don't feel bad! This guy did it 300 times!!!!! )

I found it! I'll post it for all you guys who don't have the patience to keep clicking(man would you believe it took me through 300 forums to find this one?)Anyway:

So a blonde and her friends work at an office. Every day they notice that their boss leaves early from work.

One day the blond's friend Amanda says, "since the boss leaves early everyday let's leave right after her." The blonde and her friends all agree to try it. So that night after the boss leaves the three all leave early.

Amanda goes bowling, Carly shopping, but the blonde goes straight home, only to find that her boyfriend is having sex with her boss. Before the blonde is noticed, she creeps out of the apartment and comes back at her normal time.

The next day Amanda says, "that was great, let's do it again."
"No way," says the Blonde, "I almost got caught"
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