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Torn ear

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My big boy Felix had a torn ear this morning when he came to breakfast. A perfect notch *almost* torn out of the tip, but hanging by a small piece. I have no idea how this happened, as he is an indoor boy and I found no blood anywhere on him or in the house (altho the dogs might have cleaned up--ew).

My daughter was so upset, so I called the vet this morning. I took him in and they said it was doubtful it would heal, but they'd try gluing it back and if it doesn't work, we're no worse off than not doing anything. She "roughed up the edges" to get it clean and a little bloody and glued it together again. Felix, as always, was a perfect gentleman.

Some healing vibes would be appreciated. I know it wasn't a bad wound, but Felix is so handsome, it would be nice if he could stay "perfect."


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I hope Felix is okay, and not too traumatized by the incident.

My fiance had a kitty with one ear. He stayed with his parents when we moved in together, but when the cat was a baby his mother was spooked and sliced his ear off by accident. Nobody has ever missed him having it. [Here's some photos of him:]
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Awwwwwwww, that kitty is PRECIOUS!!!!!

Here's my Felix:

No, he wasn't traumatized. He is actually my easiest cat to "mess with" as he's just a "big lug." Amazing, since he was a former feral.

So far he's totally leaving the ear alone.

Thanks for the comments.

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Well I hope it heals up, but my Levi has 2 little notches out of his ears and it dosen't bother him one bit. I was a little sad for a while because his perfect ears weren't perfect anymore (stuipid I know). Now it just makes me laugh because it makes him look like a tuff guy, but I know the truth. He is the biggest whimp you'd ever want to meet.
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Oh, Felix is gorgeous! He could be my precious Omar's brother--O is a very handsome Tuxedo boy himself! O is now almost 13 (in April) and got a big notch--under still-mysterious circumstances when he was a teenage kitty. It hasn't cramped his style one bit, and he's still as handsome as ever. In time Felix's will heal, and any leftover notching will just become part of him already-plentiful charm!

Omar, his little Siamese sister (Clementine), and I send healing vibes, prayers, and warm purrs your way. Please ask Felix to send some to O, who's getting over his first UTI. Take care.
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Cali came to use that way. I think of her notch as her medal of survival. When I look at it, I remember where she used to live and I am happy she choose to come live with us.
(I found her under the dumpster where I used to work. My coworkers were feeding her chicken! There go the profits! But what a good way to spend them!)
When I asked all my coworkers what they planned to do with Cali when winter came, not one had an answer, so one day, I brought my carrier with me, and when I saw her, fed her some chicken and while she was eating, I scooped her up, dropped her in the carrier(she was NOT HAPPY!) and took her home!
She made herself a part of the family within days! (and stoled my heart within a matter of hours! )

Here's some vibes that your babies ear will heal, if it doesn't, well then it's his growing up medal!
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So far the glue is still holding. I've not so much as TOUCHED it as I don't want to disturb any possible healing. It looked a little red on Saturday along the glue lines but has now settled down. Time will tell if it healed together at all.

I won't be terribly upset if he lives out his days with a notch, but it was worth a try to see if it does heal. He needed his rabies shot anyway, so the trip to the vet served a dual purpose.

Thanks for the vibes and stories, everyone.
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My new girl, Baby, was ear tipped as an in case (in case she had to return to her feral colony) when she was spayed.
She's a gorgeous cat and I don't see that it has really diminished her good looks at all, she doesn't think so either

Lots of vibes for Felix to keep his whole ear intact, or at the very least, some very fast healing.

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