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We just reached 4,000 members!!!

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Way to go Anne for creating such an effective place for cat lovers!
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Whoo hoo!!!!!
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Wow, that's amazing!

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That's cool! WTG!
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See you soon at 8,000!!!!

Its such a great place to be in... :icecream: :rainbow:
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I'm not surprised... this has to be the best forum for cat lovers on the net. Way to go Anne!
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Wow! That is awesome!
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WOW Way to go Anne!!!
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I honsetly think we need to celbrate this in some way!

What do you think? any ideas?
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Three cheers for Anne....
Hip, hip, Hooorayyyyyyy!!!!!!
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Thank you everyone!!!

The thanks go back at you all you know - it's the members that make the place - not me! I just set up the software 3 years ago
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Oh MAN! That is so cool--and shows there ARE so many cat lovers out there!!!
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congrats ANNE!

what were these? oh yeah. old fashioned blob parties.!
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That's Really great , I think 5,000 will be a good Milestone , But really there is no wonder why there are so many members it's because it's a really cool site
Thank You and Well Done !!
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That is fantastic! Of those 4000, how many are active?
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Nice job Anne, this really is the best site!
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WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and it shouldn't be surprising... it IS the best cat site on the net!

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