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Free samples: links

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Hey folks, in this day and age, finances are tight for most people. I've always been interested in free samples (who isn't) and have been getting them for years now. You can get free pet food samples/coupons/etc, as well as other samples. I've gotten medication samples, coupons for household items, feminine product samples, etc.

So I thought I'd share my links:

Here's one I found this morning, it seems to be mainly US based:
(I do not know how reliable they are, no personal experience)


This one is Canadian ONLY, and I have had great personal experiences with it. Most links are active, as well as they do tell you which offers come or do not come, etc. This is my favorite site for freebies.


Holistic Blend: natural pet foods

you can click 3 different samples upon registering.

If anyone else knows any free samples please post em. Everyone could use a little help sometime.

As well, post your experiences, if the product never came or did come, etc.

I signed up for the Holistic Blend samples today. I'll post if they come.

If people want, this might be a good post to sticky. Freebies are good
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Free Feline Pine:
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