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Originally Posted by Breal76 View Post

I admit to buying a dog before I knew better. Halo came from a pet store and I was 25 at the time. I am sure he came from a back yard breeder. Sure he came with "papers" there is no chance my dog is a purebred. Mix yes. Purebred no. I still don't know if he is more aussie or border collie. I will never buy a dog ever again. I will go to a shelter, and find one with my heart. I will look at dogs profile because I will never have another puppy as long as I live. Shelter dogs come with papers too. Adoption papers, which is the best kind of paper you can have on a dog.

When people would surrender their "Purebred" animal to me when I worked at a Humane Society and they would hand me the dogs "papers" I would throw it in the garbage right in front of them. That doesn't matter anymore.

A good breeder will take their animal back. About a month ago we got in a siberian husky thats microchip traced back to breeder. The owner was called they didn't want the dog. The breeder came down 2 hour drive and got their dog back. That's reputable.
Yup. And yeah, your dog had to have come from a BYB; no responsible breeder would ever sell their animals to a pet store, where any Joe-schmo could buy it and the breeder would never know what became of the dog.
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Yup. And yeah, your dog had to have come from a BYB; no responsible breeder would ever sell their animals to a pet store, where any Joe-schmo could buy it and the breeder would never know what became of the dog.
Yeah..My dog knows how lucky he is! I tell him everyday Cause I love him to peices! And you would have to pry him from my cold dead hands to get him away from me! He cost me on clearance (he was marked down 3 times) 199 dollars. 170 dollars to neuter and microchip him. 3000 dollars worth of damage to my apartment, lost my job, got evicited, had him stay with a friend till he wore out his welcome, then boarded him for three weeks till I could finally get a place of my own. Then he was back in my loving arms and been spoiled rotten for the past 6 years. He turned 7 years this month Happy Birthday Halo! He's the most expensive "purebred" I ever got. lol.
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
I have to wonder how many hundreds of thousands of German Shepherd's are in shelters and rescues all of this country. Biden is a jerk IMO
Thousands Cindy. I used to work for Animal Control...it's amazing how many purebreeds you get through the doors of shelters...some even with papers. There are many good rescues and shelters out there specifically geared towards German Shepherds and many good dogs waiting for a wonderful home. It would have been nice if he had rescued one, however we do not know Biden on a personal level and do not know his reasons for choosing a breeder to buy from rather than going through a rescue.

There is one thing to consider though- with a breed like a German Shepherd (which I've had I'm very familiar with.) they can carry certain genetic issues that can greatly effect their quality of life. That is one breed that I would absolutely see no problem obtaining a dog from a reputable breeder for should I not find one suitable for adoption in a rescue.....when you know the lineage and can keep tabs on how well the dogs are bred- it can help you to make sure that you are getting as healthy a pup as possible and can also help you identify certain predispositions in the dogs.

This is a huge factor for me since I'm planning to adopt another dog down the road to go through SAR with (search and rescue, more specifically rubble rescue). I was origionally going to go through the SAR program with my Australian Shepherd, Fosters...but at age 6...it would take almost 2 years to complete the program....which would have him graduating around age 8 if he passed everything...by the time they're 10 they're usually retired...so there's no point to put him through that.

The next pup I adopt will most certainly be one that I can run through a program with...which means as healthy a dog as possible and the temperment is just as important as the health if it's a working dog. (granted there are no gurantees, but when you know the leniage, it helps identify things like tendancies towards dysplasia/etc.) There are several breeders and rescues that work closely with many SAR and other related programs to match handlers with dogs....some handlers prefer to buy their puppy and have it raised and bonded with them from day one -some prefer rescues (often the most overlooked, hyper, crazy dogs in shelters are the ones that make the best SAR dogs....Fosters was one of those crazy nutty dogs that got overlooked for 6 months because he was so nuts....he just needed someone who understood his need to work and would exercise him.)

Certain breeders (some of the very reputable ones) breed shepherd puppies especially for things like SAR, Police Work, Bomb Dogs/etc....they know the lineage of the dogs they're breeding and can often match the pups that would be good canidates for different things with a prospective owner. It's in some of those instances that I do think reputable breeders are ok. Yes, breeders do contribute to the overpopulation (belive me I've seen it first hand) BUT in special circumstances there are some good breeders out there who are willing to take their animals back to avoid them being sheltered- those are the ones I would make an exception for. There are many good breeders out there who also volunteer their time helping rescues out as well...they just have a passion for the breed and want to improve it. Not all breeders are aweful, horrible people- A good breeder isn't in it for the money, they're in it for furthering and improving the breed....improving temper, and reducing genetic health problems.) It's the people who are in it for the wrong reasons that you should dislike...those who don't care about furthering and improving the breed, those that don't care if their offspring wind up in shelters and won't unconditionally take them back....those who support back yard breeding and hoarding...those are the ones who create such horrid problems and contribute the most to the overpopulation.

Ok, so yes, While Biden isn't using the dog as a SAR dog or a working dog...since he has owned german shepherds in the past my point is that he may be experienced enough to know that these dogs are predisposed to certain genetic health issues and to try and find a healthy one, he may have chosen to go through a breeder (hopefully reputable). It would have been nice if he would have adopted through a rescue or shelter, but at least this pup will still have a good home and be provided all it could possibly need.
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Whether he was concerned about health or breeding lines doesn't matter here. He chose to support a backyard breeder/small puppy mill (as evidenced by the report I linked earlier), and there is NEVER a good reason to do that. Backyard breeders/puppy mills are not responsible breeders, they don't often test for all the health issues they should, they don't own and breed proven dogs in the working or showing field. They breed too many dogs too often. That's why they are BYBs/puppy mills.

I'm glad this puppy has a *good* home, too, but think of how many puppies and dogs will NOT have a good home, because of this.

*I'm a little worried about the fact that he isn't going to train the pup himself....*

As someone said to me, "People are too short-sighted". It's true. There are a lot of people (not necessarily HERE) that are just saying, "So what, he bought a puppy? At least the dog has a home". Yes; the puppy has a home. But since people will be finding BYBs and puppy mill puppies in pet shops, there will be far more puppies who end up in shelters because their idiot owners bought them, but didn't know about the health problems, or how to train them, or ect.
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
For records violations, because during the flurry of clean-up in anticipation of the VP's visit, the vaccination records were tossed out Since then, the records have been reproduced & submitted.
The last previous 5 inspections have rated 100% for the kennel.
That is definitely not the same as dirty kennels, crowded conditions, etc....it's more parallel to the guy swimming in the lake whose baggy swimming trunks fell off when he jumped onto the boat, nearby families complained & he was cited for indecent exposure - nothing like the creeps who display themselves in an aroused state, to children at the park.
I guess it turned out to be a bit more than a "records violations" as Katzyn showed. A breeder more like a small, dirty puppy mill.


That is pretty disgusting.

I am reading the Kennel Report now that is linked in the above article I linked.
They got UNsatisfactory in the following catagories:

Records Kept
Rabies Vaccination
Other (don't know what that means)

Then, on page 3 of the Kennel Report it gives a detailed explanation of why the above was rated unsatisfactory.

I just knew it was more than what that kennel owner said, she even blamed it on Biden's visit. Nice of her to throw Biden under the bus.

I hope this gets the media attention that Biden buying his pup from a BYB did.
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