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Something different...a question for Vegans and Vegetarians

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First, let me say I'm not trying to start an arguement and no disrespect is meant by this question. I just thought we needed something away from politics and this is something that I've been curious about.

Some posts here and some things I've watched on YouTube got me thinking. I know some people don't eat meat because they don't want to eat a living thing. I can understand that. However, it seems a lot of Vegans I've seen on YouTube stop all animal products because of the cruelty found in animal mass food production. I agree that it is deplorable.

My question is, if you had the room and means to raise your own chickens and cows, could take care of them yourselves so you know they are humanely treated and loved, would you eat their eggs, drink their milk, etc? Remember, chickens lay eggs every day whether they are fertilized or not. Cows do have to have a calf first (I think) before they start giving milk but as long as they are milked every day it continues.

We're actually thinking about getting a few chickens next year just for the free eggs. That just got me thinking about it.

This is not a thread to argue whether vegans or vegetarians are right or is a personal choice. I just really wanted to get their opinion.
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I really like the sensitive manner in which you posted this, Hope I've been vegetarian for 18 years and vegan for 13. For me, it's just a lifestyle choice and something I don't reallly think about unless it's brought up. I don't judge those who eat meat in any way at all even though, it's true, I am deeply bothered by the way the mass production of meat is so inhumane for the animals. Your idea is fantastic! If people were to raise their own animals for consumption, the way they use to do back in the day, it would be wonderful and would eliminate the cruelty caused by the meat industry! You have a great idea to get your own chickens..all the eggs you can eat! They would be much more special that way, as well, wouldn't they, sort of like growing your own veggies in your own garden!
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I am mostly vegan (although not strictly) and I do plan on moving to the country in the next few years. When I do, I'll get some chickens (from an egg farm... when they get too old to be profitable for them) and eat the eggs.

I don't think I'll do it for milk because it's a lot more complicated, and I don't care for milk anyway. Plus around here the milk industry is very powerful and I think there are all sorts of regulations regarding milk production (which I think apply even if you produce milk for your own family).

Then again, I am vegan / vegetarian mostly for environmental reason, so I would still keep my consumption of animal products to a minimum.
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We have friends who keep chickens, ducks and goats, for the eggs, milk and goats' hair. The animals are considered pets, and never slaughtered. I'd love to be able to do that, but for the time being content myself with buying eggs from a local farm where I know the chickens are free ranging.
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I'm not quite a vegetarian or vegan, but I know people with interesting and radically different views on the subject.

I know an omnivore who was raised on a farm and likes to know where food comes so much that she only eats animals she knew when they were alive. When she grew up, the meat stored in the freezer from a slaughtered cow wouldn't be labeled "cow" it would be labeled "Daisy".

I know someone who thinks that it's only ethical to get milk from an organism that consents, and that only an adult human is truly capable of the kind of well-thought out consent necessary to give milk. In other words, this person would be happy to drink human milk, but that's it.

I have heard of vegans who eat only one type of meat: afterbirth. That's right, the placenta of any mammal (cow, whatever) is meat that you can get without killing anything, so it's "vegan" meat.

Frutarians avoid even killing plants, so they only eat vegetable matter that essentially falls off of a plant. (Avacados are about the only frutarian source of protein. Now this is a diet on which it is fairly difficult to be healthy.)

So, really, the answer to your question is probably as varied as vegetarians and vegans are. If the problem is cruelty in animal husbandry, then raising your own animals or getting meat from farms you approve of is good. If the problem is environmental impact, then having grass fed herbivore mammals and chickens (or other birds that fit this ecological niche) that clean up the field after them can actually be better than just farming plants. If the problem is simply that you think that killing animals is cruel, you might be interested in eating animals that died a "natural" death at the end of a long life, but you might not. For me, the "problem" is just that I personally enjoy cooking and eating almost exclusively plants and diary, so better management practices are completely unconvincing.
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I was a vegan for several years, but it's really commercial farming that I am against, not actually eating meat. I don't drink milk because I think that's a little bizarre. [We are the only mammals to drink the milk of another mammal, and the only to drink milk beyond 3 years old.] I eat eggs that I get from local farms, and meat that I eat comes from a local farmer, or that someone I know hunted. So, while I don't think that I could raise my own meat because I'd get too attached to the animals, I am perfectly fine getting it from places where I know the animal lived happily and healthily.
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Technically I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I eat dairy yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc. I only eat eggs if they are in a product (like bakery) but never by themselves. I've been a vegetarian since I was about 14. There is a LONG list of products I won't eat if they contain any type of animal products. It isn't just because of how the animals are raised or treated, personally, it just disgusts me to eat any product where an animal has to die to create my food. I never judge meat eaters or force my opinion on anyone. Everyone has their right to eat what they want. I would ideally like to be a strict vegan, but it is very expensive to shop in only health food stores for all your groceries. Maybe someday. There are so many products that contain animal products that you don't even realize. I got some Godiva Chocoiste candies and realized they contain "shellac" which is an insect product. Gross! Maybe that's weird not to eat something because of that, but oh well. No gelatin, rennet, etc. If you live in someplace like Alaska or on an island where fish and meat are the most available food sources, then I totally understand why someone would eat meat. But for me, I can and have lived just fine for many years with not eating any meat, fish, eggs or chicken and that's my choice. I don't miss it and there are millions of other things you can eat other than meat that I've found it's totally unnecessary.
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Originally Posted by lovemykitty3 View Post
I got some Godiva Chocoiste candies and realized they contain "shellac" which is an insect product. Gross! Maybe that's weird not to eat something because of that, but oh well.
Funny bit of info - a lot of medications do too, even OTC ones such as Tylenol. The enteric coating is needed. Shellac doesn't actually contain any insects, though, it's only a secretion. To be honest, that sounds a lot better then something petroleum based.
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It's so true that many foods contain animal products that you wouldn't even expect. I always have to read labels very carefully
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One of my parents grew up on a farm, a working farm, dairy was to be milked everday. I have drank all types of milk. Now I only buy organic for my family to drink, we don't own cows.
To be honest drinking milk is so strange to me. We are one of the only animals on the earth that drinks another species milk our whole lives that was intended to to raise hundreds of pounds of infant cow Why do grown humans suckle on mother cows milk weekly or even daily? It grosses me out! Many babies are allergic to it, makes sense to me, it is another species milk intended to raise cows and provide everything baby cows need
I stopped eating cows at a young age, being exposed to the farm, I got to know the cows too well to eat them and it didn't taste very good after that, no matter where it came from.

I eat farm fresh eggs from someone I know who owns chickens. It is a lot of work just to get some eggs, especially if you live in a colder climate. They require a lot of care, but it is a much better way to go for eggs
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I only buy organic free range local items. I have a huge issue with cruelty to animals and the way animals are treated on commercial farms.
We frequent farmers market and buy from local farms that are cruelty free.

I have been a vegan and a vegetarian for those reasons. I also do not think

Now I eat meat but only organic farm raised and not everyday. I don't eat cow milk products. I limit meat to a few times a week, poultry a few times a week and seafood a few times a week. So in a day I would only have one meal with chicken, beef or fish. I have a lot of leftover habits from being a vegetarian and enjoy other protein sources.
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