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New cat behavior question

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Some of you may already know that we adopted a new guy today from the SPCA. He's a 6 yr old seal colorpoint Ragdoll and he is very sweet. His name is Pooh Bear.

I am concerned about something with his behavior. Whenever he hears my boyfriend's footsteps, he tenses and trembles like a leaf. As the footsteps get closer, he gets more and more upset.

Is it possible that he had been abused or mistreated by a man before? And if that is a possibility, is there anything we can do (short of love and time, which of course he will have) to make him less nervous? I want him to know he is safe in a place where he will always have love, and will never be harmed.
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my cat mickey is the same. hes afraid of men! he was never like that until he met my flatmates bf who HATES cats! and i think her bf has done something to him (and all the other cats) when we aren't home, cuz they are all fearful of him and they hide! i take both my cats to my bfs house on the weekend when her bf stays the weekend at our house, cuz i don't trust the cats with him when i'm not there. but now when mickey see any male he runs away! even if my bf just walks near him he runs! hes so scared

my bf , luke tries to pat him gently and and slowly mickey is learning to not be afraid of him, but hes still terrified of my flatmates bf...i don't even want to imagine what her bf does to our cat when we are not home!!
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I would say Pooh has probably been kicked by a man (sounds like it from what you describe) Have boyfriend begin to feed Pooh alone, sitting on the floor near him while he eats (with his shoes off) See if that helps. Poor Pooh
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I was afraid of that, MA. My gut feeling was that he'd been kicked. Thanks for the words of wisdom and advice!

Was also thinking, changing his name might be a good idea, if he associates his current name with his past life. A new start, a new name...

He is a big guy, they said 20 lbs at the shelter but my thought is that he's several pounds more than that. Coal is 19 lbs and Pooh is much heavier than Coal!
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I have just about always changed the names of any animals I have taken in here, even fosters, gives them a new start to a new life I think! Poor Poohbear. Good luck with that! I've had animals that have a male complex, and others with other odd quirks. Tage is just scare of just about anyone when they move or come towards them, unless it's me.
Though no... I can't really explain that one, as he was never abused, unless it was before 6 weeks of age.
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