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Daily Thread TGIF Dec 12th!

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finally FRIDAY!!

Its a chilly one today..I am getting a massage after work. I can't wait Tonight, I am just going to relax and maybe Josh will stop by in between studying.

Tomorrow, we have a Christmas party at a comedy club here, and then Sunday we are going to his moms church...and then picking up a guest book for the wedding. We might have dinner with my mom too for my birthday

Have a great day folks!
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It's really cold here today

Out for dinner with the girlies tonight and a glass or 3 of wine

All my christmas shopping is done and wrapped, so i've been loving these last few weekends to do some retail therapy at my leisure

Only 3 days left before i leave work
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Morning All!!!

Chilly here as well, but at least it's not snowing.

Heading out shortly I have a doctor's appointment at 9 A.M. so that should take awhile, I also need to have some blood work done and stop by the hospital to have my hands re-x-rayed.

After that I am going to do some window shopping then stop by my old office to wish everyone Happy Holidays.

Not doing much this evening other then the usual stuff.

The kitties are good this morning chasing each other around like banshee's right now..

Everyone have a great day
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woke up to a inch of ice coating everything. Power has been out since sometime in the middle of the night. Just came back on yah! Need to go grocery shopping but I'm not driving in this icy mess. I'll wait till hubby gets home with the truck and let him drive me..
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My bf and I are going to a Christmas Party tonight!
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Snowing a little this morning, at least it's better than rain!
Not much on the agenda today except house work - which means I'll probably be on TCS all day!

Have a good day everyone!
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YAY No more rain today

I am taking it easy today. Friday is my relax day when all the house chores are done and if not they can wait until Monday.

Tomorrow we have my FIL's Christmas party. It should be a very interesting night.

Sunday we have some furniture and move things around.

Happy weekend everyone.
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Well I spent the morning getting caught up on my accounting. Had some errors (and still do) in my checking account-but its to my favor so I'm not worried now. More $$ than I thought so I may transfer more to savings before end of year unless I decide to make a major equipment purchase before end of year.

Sunny but chilly today and an odd weather pattern for the weekend a warmup with rain, then rain/snow mix later sunday-yucky!!

Bobs is bored-she was stood my the door wanting to go outside several time already.
Plus we found a new easy way to give pills!!! We let her lick some cheese spread from our fingers, then coat the pill entirely in the cheese spread and put it on finger and she licked the entire pill without complaint!! She has taken 2 this way we still have four left.

Might run to rent some movies yet this afternoon.......
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