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For the first time since summer of 2004 when I get my phone bundle bill at the end of this month it will show a zero balance!

It's been one or two months behind since I went off work sick.

MTS can get very nasty when you are behind. The only reason I managed to maintain my services was because of my health. I needed a phone in case of health emergencies and for my home health services (health related issues, insurance, home care and transportation booking). Plus I wasn't getting out often and the TV and internet were my sole source of entertainment and socialization. Both of which if I had to do without, would have resulted in complete isolation from the world at one point.

I told them that if they cut off my services I would have my doctor contact them and they would have to turn them back on for the above reasons (which is true). They didn't like it, but they worked with me (somewhat), though at times I had to pay more in a month than I could comfortably afford just to remain connected. But that's behind me now. I don't have to worry about having to plead my case yet again at the end of this month

I have my cousin to thank for knowing about the medical necessity for certain utilities. Some years ago my cousin had run up a phone bill of more than $1,000.00. The phone company cut her off, but they had to reinstate services when her doctor wrote a letter indicating that because of her health and the fact that she had 2 small children, one with asthma, that she required her telephone. So they reconnected it, but blocked her ability to make long distance calls. My ability wasn't blocked, but I tried to keep the costs down. It took her 3 years to pay off her phone bill, but she continued to have service.