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Jake's Feeding Update

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Jake is a big eater. Every morning, I feed Jake half of a three ounce can of Iams. He dosen't eat it all. The rest of the day, I let him free feed on dry food.One question. Is it normal for cats on Iams formula to eat only a few bites and then leave it for another time? I also bought a bag of the Eukanuba and I mix it with the Iams. I noticed that he is getting a softer and smoother coat. He is an active kitty and likes to run alot. Another question. Recently I saw at the store that they were selling CatMilk. It is supposed to be real milk but without the lactose. Is it good product or do any of you recommend it? Have any of you seen it? Thanks,

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Cats are munchers. Unlike dogs who lick their bowls clean, cats snack all day long, that why it's a good thing to keep dry food out all day. I have 7 cats and give them a teaspoon of canned food each, in the morning and at night. After 30 minutes, if there is still canned food left in the bowl, I pick it up and throw it away.

As far as the cat milk you mentioned, most cats are lactose intolerant. The cat milk is safe for your cat. I've given it to mine once or twice but it's not necessary. And since Jake is 4 months old, I'd use it only as a treat.

Hope that helps.

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Yes, its good to leave the food out all day. The coat is getting shiny because eukanuba has extra omega faty acids.
Lactaid from the grocery store is lactose free and much cheaper.
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yes, Alicia, I think this is a good diet plan. I pretty much exactly feed the same food and way that you do. The only think I do different is I feed the canned Iams (3oz. size, divided between three cats, in three different bowls) in the evening. I let the bowls down for approx. 15-20 min. then pick the bowls up. I also mix Iams and Eukanbua together...and I think their fur is esp. shiny and sleek. I don't give them canned Iams every night, its more like ever other night to every couple of nights. I leave the dry food out all day, so that they might free feed ( the amt. in the bowl is close to a 1 cup.
I hope this info helps.
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Everybody pretty much said it all. I just have one thing to add with summer beingf upon us. If Jake leaves his canned food for a long time, it could spoil with the high summer temperatures. You might want to pull it faster than you usually do. And wash the dish everytime to get rid of old food particles. Oh, and also (gee I'm long-winded) sometimes cats don't like to eat food straight from the fridge. They will let it warm up to room temperature before digging in.
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When I give Jake canned food, I give him half of the three ounce. The rest I put in the fridge. Then the next day, I give the other have to him after warming it up in the microwave for ten seconds.
He is big eater. After eating some of his dry food, I went to cook some beef. I cooked some for him as a treat. I gave him two big pieces of the meat and he ate them both in seconds. They were bigger than his mouth.
Do any of you give your cats bottled water or do you give them straight from the tap. I was reading that tap water is not good. But our water here in Utah is pretty safe. I give him the tap water because I cannot afford to buy water all the time. I only buy it when we go to another state.
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Yes cats are nibblers. I feed mine dry (Nutro)
24/7 and a little wet in the eve. Mine nibbles a little here a little there and by the end of the day he has eaten a very healthy amount.
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