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catnip... I was wondering if...

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well, Maximus is 14 weeks old and I have some toys with catnip in them that I'm a bit hesitant to give him... this may seem like a silly question, but is he old enough for catnip? so far he's been playing with paper balls and I've been playing with the laser pointer with him... but he seems to be getting a little bored of the pointer and he tends to like to shred the paper lol... so, should I wait or am I just being paranoid?
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most cats won't react to catnip prior to around 6 months of age [if ever - some never do]. but he might enjoy the toys, anyway - catnip toys are usually pretty soft. i have 4 of mine that enjoy soft, mouse-sized toys, whether there's catnip in them or not.
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Milo is 13 weeks old, and he reacts like a crazy man to cat nip. I bought this small cat nip toy at is round, made from cloth, and looks like a peppermint candy. It is completely full of catnip, and it smells really strong. I gave it to him first and he immediately started drooling, rubbing all over it, chewing on it, lays on it and rolls all over it, and just went crazy. Within 5 minutes it was completely soaked with slobber. lol
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Lucky doesn't react at all to it...
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The only thing we have in our house with catnip is a small jingle mouse that the cats ripped off of a scratching post. I don't know if it's the jingle bell or the catnip, but that is by FAR our two 16 week old cats' favorite toy. No matter where I hide it, a few minutes later they've got it out chasing it all over the house!
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My cat loves catnip. He either goes crazy and rolls around in it or it makes him really tired and he goes to sleep stretched out on the floor.
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Isolde is three months old and goes crazy for catnip. She has some small mouse toys that have catnip in them and she bats them around. She grabs them up in her mouth and tears around the apartment with them. It is funny to watch. But I have had two other cats that did not like catnip. They would look at the toys, sniff them, and then just walk away from them.
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My cat loves cat nip He rolls around in it and rubs it all over him and runs around and plays and sleeps! He loves it. Last year I put all of his christmas presents under the tree with ours and when we came home one day one of his presents of the box of catnip had been shredded open and rolled around the floor He is 2 and a half now and has loved it since he was 6 months old!
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well I did end up giving him the catnip toys and he absolutely loves them!! there's this one, a mouse, that looks surprisingly real, that's his favorite of all lol he bats it around and then carries it around with him, and he has a specific hiding spot for it under the couch lol, almost like he wants to make sure no one can get to it but him lol
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Glad he likes them
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Its great to watch isn't it? Mine has a little mouse catnip toy that is his favourite of all and he does the same with it. He runs around holding it in his mouth, bats it all over and he hides it right under our wooden tv stand!!! So cute, noone esle can get to it too!
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