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Alpha Male hissing at 2 new female kittens

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Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post I guess I should explain my situation for you. I have owned cats for quite some time but never really knew how to handle this properly so maybe you could help me.

I initially had three cats: one 3 yr old female-Mia, one 2 yr old male-Mustang and one 8 month old male-Myloh.They all got along great and were very affectionate toward one another. Then we decided to adopt two little girls-Hugs&Kisses. They are only 11 weeks old (we've had them for a week now) and absolutely adorable. Myloh took right to them, he thinks it's his responsability to take care of them lol. He bathes them, cuddles them, plays with them. You name it. Mia hissed and growled at first but within a couple days, she didn't really care to much. She pretty much just ignores them now. But Mustang is another story. Stang is the man of the house. At first he was reeeaaaally bad. Hissing and growling like you wouldn't believe at these two little innocent kittens. And now, just over a week later he's not as bad but... if they so much as walk by, like, a foot away, he hisses and swats at them. It's ridiculous really. He even hisses at Myloh. Now, my first reaction to this is to yell at him and defend the kittens, and then look into his eyes and talk to him in a calm voice and explain that he has to be nice to the other kitties and pet him - and he gives me kisses while I do this. Is this okay? Or should I ignore his behaviour?

I've been making sure that everyone gets lots of attention, cuddles and play time. Not just the new kittens. So he shouldn't be doing this out of jealousy. What do you guys think?
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I'm new here, too--it's nice to be able to "hang out," e-wise, anyway, with our fellow cat lovers!

No, it's not unusual for a lot of hissing to go on when new kitties join the household. ALL of mine have, and I've always had (biased, I know!) incredibly sweet kitties. Introductions are everything in the feline world--one thing we've always done is wipe each cat's/kitten's "pheremone spots" (around the muzzle/face, for sure) with a dry washcloth and then wipe their scents on each other. We've also put the newcomer in his/her own room, door closed, with their own food, water, litterpan, toys, etc, so that the resident kitties can't see them. Gradually each will approach the door, eventually being curious-touching paws under the door, etc.

We have used the Feliway cat pheremone system with great success, too. It calms cats really well. They make a plug-in type of dispenser as well as a spray. It has calmed even my incredibly shy, skittish, and fearful handraised Calico girl, Ophelia (RIP, my sweet, sweet girl) following our move from the home where she lived from kittenhood until age 3.

Good luck--your newcomers will blend right in before you know it!
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