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Drooling Cat

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So, is it bad if a cat starts to drool, all of a sudden? My son & DIL's cat is around 3 years old and she just started drooling. They took her to the Vet and they drew blood - red count was off (either a little high or low - not sure which) but the Vet wasn't too concerned about it.

So they've gone away for a coupla nights and I went & checked on her. Her little face, neck and paws were completely dry. There was a ittle pool on the arm of the sofa, where she was when I walked in.

So, the $64,000 question is - what could be causing this? Should this be a worry?
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Do you know if the vet even checked her teeth and gums?
A problem there could definitely cause a cat to suddenly start drooling.
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My little boy kitty, Omar, drools when he's really, really blissed out--like in the middle of a really good chin-scratching/head-rubbing session. We just get a washcloth out as needed! If this is a new behavior, I agree with the suggestion re. kitty's mouth/teeth. Good luck.
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At what times does the cat drool?

I have 2 cats that will drool when I invite them onto my lap and give them chin rubs or scritches under the chin; they'll then be drooling fools LOL

But...if a cat is seen to be drooling at other times, times not associated with great happiness and getting cuddles/scratches, usually the sign of a dental problem and needs to be checked by the Vet. Any Vet who's half decent would immediately check a cat's mouth/teeth for a symptom like this........hopefully this one did. Strange that something with the bloodwork was "off" and Vet wasn't concerned. Can you ask your son & DIL if Vet had a good look in kitty's mouth?

Is kitty eating okay? Any changes in energy level?

A cat with a bad tooth will often avoid dry food, start to eat less, keep more to themself or become irritable. Dental issues should always be addressed promptly. A bad tooth and/or infected gums can cause bacteria to spread into the bloodstream to the major organs: heart, kidneys, liver........causing problems with them and a major systemic infection in the blood, which can be life threatening.
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hmmmm....I don't know if the Vet specifically checked her teeth and gums, but I can't imagine the Vet NOT taking a good look! I'll ask them the next time I check with them.
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I agree with the whole teeth and gums issue. my cat Snow won't drool but she will kinda smack her lips and tongue to stop the drool escaping when being scritched or enjoying cuddles. It's the cutest sound ever
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Some cat do drool as their normal thing, but the OP said hers just suddenly started.
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Drooling with no previous history of it, is very possibly a dental issue. The vet should have checked out her mouth very carefully.
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