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Hello from southeast pa! Ive always had cats and always will. Currently I have two,Sweetie and Baby. Sweetie is going on 4 years old,and is a long haired black kitty. Baby is going on 7 years old and is shorthaired white,brownish,blackish. Ill post pics later.
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& welcome to tcs. Look forward to those pics.
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Welcome to TCS
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Thanks for letting me join TCS!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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I look forward to seeing photos of your cutie pies Sweetie and Baby.
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Welcome to TCS.

Rob & Sport
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